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Welcome to our dedicated webpage for high school careers advisers.

Here we provide a central repository of information, links and resources relevant to advising your students about studying at Notre Dame and our application process. We will be updating this regularly and providing notifications through our Careers Advisers Bulletin. If you have any questions please reach out via the “Connecting with us” section below.

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  • Upcoming events and dates

    28 August Open Day
    1 September Early Offer applications close
    1 October A Day in the Life of a Uni Student (for Year 10, 11 & 12)
    Mid-December Info Day

  • Connecting with us

    The Notre Dame Prospective Students Office is a team of six professionals dedicated to providing our valued Careers Advisers network with highly responsive and informed service. Our goal is to ensure you have all you need to successfully advise and guide your students as they journey towards their university study.

    Included below are the contact details for our Student Recruitment Officers. If you are unsure who to contact then reach out to our generic email in the first instance and we’ll get in touch.

    Prospective Students Office
    02 8204 4404
    All enquiries

    Alexandra Davis
    02 8204 4626
    0457 112 558

    Matt McDonald
    02 8204 4423
    0457 059 332

    Jackie Moreno
    02 8204 4632
    0457 075 038

    Vicky Luong
    02 8204 4694
    0436 918 559

  • Book a visit to your school

    We would love an opportunity to come to your school and speak to your students about the fantastic opportunities Notre Dame provides, either in person or via Zoom/Teams.

    We encourage you to book your visit as soon as possible. Click to get started.

    Throughout the year students also can book in a 1-on-1 advice session with one of our recruitment officers. This can either be at our Broadway office or online. Click to book.

  • Live chat with us on Social Media

    We will be online and ready to answer your questions from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm, through the live chat feature on Facebook Messenger. (link to facebook)

    Also take a look at our Youtube channel and follow us Twitter and Instagram

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