The Board of Governors comprises the Trustees and other people appointed by the Trustees. Its function is to provide advice and support to the Board of Directors.


Hon. Christopher Ellison Chancellor
Mr Michael L'Estrange AO Deputy Chancellor
Professor Francis Campbell Vice Chancellor
Mr Michael Digges  
Sr. Annette Cunliffe  
Mr Justin Carroll  
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.  
Hon Justice Kate Glancy 
Mr Jack de Groot  
Ms Hilary Johnston-Croke  
Hon Justice Robert Mazza  
Ms Louise McCann  
Prof Con Michael AO  
Mr Stephen Newton  
Hon Justice Neville Owen AO  
Ms Anne Pitos  
Mr John Prendiville  
Mr Peter Prendiville  
HE David Scarf AM  
Professor Anthony Shannon AM  
Ms Nicole Lockwood  
Ms Meneesha Michalka  
Mr Adrian Arundell  
Mr Richard Haddock AO  
The Most Rev Richard Umbers  
Mr Andrew Whitechurch