Dean of Philosophy & Theology, Fremantle

Professor Philip Matthews

Philip Matthews, Acting Dean of Philosophy and Theology

  • Biography

    Dr Philip Matthews, BTh, PhD, was previously Director of the Bioethics Teaching and Research Unit in the School of Public Health at Curtin University. He was also editor of Faith and Freedom, an international journal of social ethics for six years. The contributors to Faith and Freedom were amongst the leading writers in ethics and social theory (selected articles published in 2003 as Faith and Freedom: Christian Ethics in a Pluralist Society by ATF Press). Dr Matthews’ PhD thesis, Moral Enquiry in a Pluralist Society: from Contention to Conversation, critiques decision-making protocols commonly used in practical ethics. His current academic interest is in cosmology and the philosophy of science and thus he is a keen amateur astronomer and member of the Astronomical Society of Western Australia. Dr Matthews has taught philosophy units at Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University and has served on several research ethics committees, he was a board member of the Reproductive Technology Council of WA for seven years and a board member of Sussex Street Community Law Service for the same period. He also serves on the Heads of Philosophy committee for the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP).

  • Teaching Areas

    Dr Philip Matthews teaching areas includes moral philosophy and professional ethics, epistemology, ancient philosophy, and the philosophy of science.

  • Research Expertise and Supervision

    Dr Matthews has supervised several honours and masters students to completion and currently has 1 PhD candidate.

Research and Engagement

  • Books

    (2004) Faith and Freedom: Christian Ethics in a Pluralist Society by ATF Press

    (2002). “Review of Formulary Decision Making,” Drug and Therapeutics Committee, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

  • Book Chapters

    (2014) “Justice: Thin Pragmatism between Thick Practices.” In D. J. Neville (ed.), The Bible, Justice and Public Theology, Sheffield Phoenix Press.

    (2011). “Friendship and the common life: Aristotle's contribution for a modern utilitarian society.” In P. Hanna (ed.), An anthology of philosophical studies, Athens Institute for Education and Research 5: 97-106.

    (2008). “Dying with dignity: Questions and more questions - The philosophical perspective.” In P. K. Panegyres (ed.), Dying with dignity in neurodegenerative disorders (pp. 87-92), Neurosciences Unit, Department of Health, WA.

  • Journal Articles and Proceedings

    • (2010). Athens, Friendship and the Common Life, ATINER
    • (2003). Pacifism—not passivism. In D. Neville & P. Matthews (Eds.), Faith and freedom: Christian ethics in a pluralist culture, Ch 16. Adelaide, SA: ATF Press.
    • (2002). “Review of Formulary Decision Making,” Drug and Therapeutics Committee, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.
    • (1999). “Pragmatism and Law,” Alternative Law Journal, 24/6: 284-287.
    • (1999). “Bioethics and Healthcare,” School of Public Health papers, Curtin University.
    • (1995). “In Search of a Good Death,” Faith and Freedom, 4/4.
  • Conference Papers

    • (2013). “Justice: Thin Pragmatism between Thick Practices" Canberra, ACT.
    • (2012). Terrorism Round Table, Parliament House, Parliament of Western Australia
    • (2011). Cloning Ethics: Evolution of Moral Philosophy, Curtin University
    • (2010). Friendship and the Common Life, ATINER, Athens, Greece.
    • (2008). Dying with dignity: questions and more questions, Neuroscience Unit, Department of Health WA,
    • (2003) What is this fuss about stem cells, St John of God Hospital, Subiaco.
  • Professional Affiliations

    Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) Professional Peer Reviewer; Committee member
    Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP)

  • Community Engagement

    Astronomical Association of WA
    Pax Christi (International)

  • Other

    (1992-1998). Editor of Faith and Freedom, 1-6 (Quarterly). Faith and Freedom is indexed in the Australasian Journal Index. Contributors to Faith and Freedom came from various disciplines and included philosophers and bio-ethicists of international renown.