Executive management

Mike Conry
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance and Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Campbell

Professor Michelle Campbell
Deputy Vice Chancellor, International and Partnerships

Elizabeth Labone

Professor Elizabeth Labone
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Learning and Teaching

Jane Street
Pro Vice Chancellor, People and Culture

Professor Aron Murphy
Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Executive Dean, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Health Sciences and Physiotherapy

Selma Alliex, Pro Vice, Student Experience

Professor Selma Alliex
Pro Vice Chancellor, Student Experience

Pro Vice Chancellor, Communications and Engagement

David Harrison
Pro Vice Chancellor, Communications and Engagement

Julian Smith, Pro Vice Chancellor Strategy and Planning

Julian Smith
Pro Vice Chancellor, Strategy and Planning

Samantha Jonsson
Academic Registrar

Martin Drum

Professor Martin Drum
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences, Business and Law

Caroline Mansfield

Professor Caroline Mansfield
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Philosophy and Theology

Robyn Adams, US

Robyn Adams
University Secretary

Tom Ristoski
Senior Director, Industry Partnerships and Pathways

Charbel Haddad, CSPLC

Charbel Haddad
Chief of Staff and Principal Legal Counsel

Emily Townsend, CFO

Emily Townsend
Chief Financial Officer

Darry; Kefford

Darryl Kefford
Chief Information Officer

Chief Property and Facilities Officer

Steven Dickson
Chief Property & Facilities Officer