Graduate Attributes

What are Graduate Attributes?

For Notre Dame, Graduate attributes are the qualities, skills and understandings which the University aspires to enable in its students. These attributes include, but go beyond, the disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge that has traditionally formed the core of most university courses. They are qualities that also prepare its graduates as agents for social action and global citizenship.

The University of Notre Dame Australia Graduate Attributes Statement

Generic  Graduate Attributes

Graduate Abilities


The ability to communicate effectively in all domains within a range of contexts, using oracy, literacy, numeracy and information skills.

Critical and Reflective Thinking

The ability to be a reflective practitioner with sound decision making abilities, through the use of clear, critical and creative thinking and effective problem solving skills.

Technical competence and Interdisciplinarity

A comprehensive technical knowledge of a field of study, in addition to inter-professional knowledge extending beyond a single discipline.

Life-long Learning

Acceptance of personal responsibility for ongoing life-long learning and professional development, with a capacity to be self-directed and utilise effective time-management skills.

Ethical Responsibility

A capacity for high ethical standards both personally and professionally, underpinned by the ability to apply ethical thinking skills to social/societal problems and challenges.

Philosophical and Religious Approaches to Life

The ability to be an open and reflective individual, sensitive to and accepting of others’ values and beliefs, whilst recognising and challenging prejudice and bias from a sound intellectual base.

Team work

A capacity to contribute in a positive and collaborative manner in order to achieve common goals.

Research and Information Retrieval Skills

The ability to construct new concepts or create new understanding through the process of research and inquiry.


A capacity for international and global perspectives based on an understanding and appreciation of social and cultural diversity and individual human rights.

Commitment to Active Citizenship

A commitment to connect with and serve the community through active participation, engagement and reflection.

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