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  • Archaeology and history

    Dr Shane Burke

    Position: Senior Lecturer & Discipline Coordinator, Archaeology
    Areas of Expertise: British settlement of WA, archaeology of WA, Western Australian history, technology used in WA mining, patterns of human behaviour

    Dr Shane Burke specialises in the archaeology and history of the recent past, concentrating particularly on the material evidence of the early British settlement of Western Australia and how the British adapted to the new physical and cultural environment.

    Associate Professor Deborah Gare

    Position: Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning and Discipline Coordinator, History
    Areas of Expertise: Australian, Western Australian and Empire history, women in WA, history curriculum in schools, Swan River Colony

    Associate Professor Deborah Gare leads the History program on the Fremantle Campus. Deborah is passionate about researching the history of women in Fremantle and has written a biography of Mary Ann Friend (1800-39).

    Associate Professor Steven Lovell-Jones

    Position: Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Modern European History, Catholic social teaching

    Associate Professor Steven Lovell-Jones is the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney. He specialises in modern European History and Catholic Social Teaching.

    Dr Christine de Matos

    Position: Associate Dean, Academic Development & Research and Senior Lecturer, History
    Areas of Expertise: Allied Occupation in Japan (especially the Australian role)

    Dr Christine de Matos’ research interests include the Australian role in the Allied Occupation of Japan (1946-1952), in particular using gender, race and class to elucidate the power dynamics of the occupier-occupied relationship. Her other teaching and research interests include Australian history, Japanese history, Australia-Asia relations, gender and history, and digital history.

  • Architecture

    Professor Sarah McGann

    Position: Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Architecture

    Professor Sarah McGann is Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, Fremantle. She specialises in architectural research, architectural design, educational leadership and other social sciences.

  • Behavioural science and counselling

    Dr Sagar Athota

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Individual Differences and human values, Cross-cultural morality

    Dr Sagar Athota’s current research involves the social and psychological study of morality, focussing on how the interplay between personality and cognition influences individual morality.

    Dr Ebi Cocodia

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Counselling: reflective practice, public mental health and cultural perspectives. Educational Psychology: abilities, learning and human intelligence.

    Dr Ebi Cocodia’s current research interests are in the fields of counsellor education and training, student motivation & individual differences, cross-cultural approaches and human intelligence

    Associate Professor Dawn Darlaston-Jones

    Position: Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Social justice, cultural issues, education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in higher education.

    Associate Professor Dawn Darlaston-Jones’s research interests lie in the areas of social justice and critical psychology with particular emphasis on resistance and emancipation, cultural issues, and education. The focus of her current work is Indigenous education and the importance of curriculum change to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in higher education as well as how the changing climate of higher education can lead to feelings of exclusion within the university context.

    Dr Hugo Gonzales

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Management of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Somatisation in Primary Care, Psychological adjustment to torture and trauma, Cross-cultural communication, Intercultural effectiveness, Cross cultural presentation of mental health disorders, Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Adjustment to Culture shock, Mental Health Awareness, Acculturative Stress and International Students

    Dr Hugo Gonzales is a Lecturer in Counselling within the School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney.  He specialisies in wide range of disciplines including Coaching and Positive Psychology, Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) and Post traumatic Stress Disorders.

    Dr Sharon McCarthy

    Position: Senior Lecturer, Course & Discipline Coordinator, Behavioural Science
    Areas of Expertise: Social construction of terrorism, community psychology, critical pedagogy

    Dr Sharon McCarthy completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology graduating with 1st Class honours. She has also completed a combined Masters/ PhD at Edith Cowan University in Community Psychology, focusing on the Social Construction of Terrorism in Western Australia. Her research specifically explored the discourse used to understand the issue of Terrorism and the implication this has had for identity construction and cultural relations. Sharon also has considerable experience as the Research Manager for a private community consultancy company prior to moving to Notre Dame in 2008.

    Dr Louise St Guillaume

    Position: Lecturer and Discipline Head, Sociology
    Areas of Expertise:

  • Business law

    Robert Pelletier

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Business Law

    Robert Pelletier is a highly experienced commercial litigator. He has wide experience in handling corporate disputes. He has acted for Governments, listed and unlisted companies, small businesses and individuals in a career in private practice that spans 20 years.

    Mark Hornshaw

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Innovation, entrepreneurs, sustainable business

    Dr David Wong

    Position: Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Use of high technology, Consumer emotional engagement in the banking and higher education sectors.

    Dr Wong’s research revolves around topics in innovation and the diffusion of technology, service quality, electronic modes of delivery, and emotional value in the banking and higher education sectors. Dr Wong has been invited as a reviewer for many journals and conferences and is also respected for his expertise in Financial Services Marketing.

  • Business management

    Professor George Kailis

    Position: Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Environment, fisheries management, strategy

    Professor Kailis holds qualifications in law and management and has had extensive industry, government and community experience. Ongoing positions held by Professor Kailis include directorship of the M.G. Kailis Group, the WA Fishing Industry Council and the Australian National Centre for Oceans and Resource Security.

    Associate Professor Helene de Burgh-Woodman

    Position: Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Management

    Associate Professor Helene de Burgh-Woodman has published extensively in the areas of consumption, marketing communications and cultural meaning. Her recent work includes papers in the European Journal of Marketing, Consumption, Markets and Culture; Marketing Theory; Qualitative Market Research; and Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.

    Dr Stephen Treloar

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Human Resource Management

    Dr Stephen Treloar is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management in the School of Business, Sydney. He is a Churchill Fellow, former Finalist CEO of the Year (2007), and a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for volunteering. Dr Treloar's past research interests, conference presentations and publications covers a wide range of fields including: social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, sport law, directors’ responsibilities, conflicts of interest, expatriate management, and ‘best practice’ management.

  • Environmental science

    Associate Professor Dylan Korczynskyj

    Position: Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Biology, animal behaviour, ecology, plant ecophysiology, zoology

    Associate Professor Dylan Korczynskyj commenced his appointment at Notre Dame as a lecturer in January 2003. In 1998, he was awarded a scholarship by Curtin University to undertake postgraduate research in plant ecophysiology, as a collaborative effort with the Department of Conservation and Land Management

  • Finance

    Professor Derek Parkin OAM

    Position: Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Accounting, managerial accounting and auditing

    Professor Derek Parkin has been a national Board member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) and a member of its national Education Board and national Audit Advisory Committee. He is currently a member of the Chartered Accountants’ Advisory Group in Western Australia.

    Mark Hornshaw

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Economics, Management

    Mark Hornshaw is a Lecturer in the School of Business, Sydney, with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in business. Throughout his career, Mark has founded and managed a number of small businesses in the telecommunications and food-service industries.

  • Health and sport recreation

    Professor Gerard Hoyne

    Position: Associate Dean and Course Coordinator, Biomedical Science
    Areas of Expertise: Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases

    Gerard Hoyne joined Notre Dame in 2009 and was appointed the Associate Dean of Health Sciences. Gerard completed his BSc and PhD at The University of Western Australia and has previously worked at Imperial College in London and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom within the field of immunology. His research work has investigated how the immune system regulates immune responses to self and foreign proteins. This has important implications in the development of autoimmune diseases such as allergy and diabetes.

    Duncan Picknoll

    Position: Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator, Outdoor Recreation
    Areas of Expertise: Outdoor education

    Duncan Picknoll holds a number of National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme (NOLRS) and Australian Canoeing (AC) Assessor qualifications and has recently completed registration as an Accredited Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning (APIOL).

    Ben Piggott

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Strength and conditioning; injury management; exercise and sport science; sport training methods

    Ben has a strong interest in Strength and Conditioning and has worked with athletes in cricket, rugby league, rugby union and AFL.  He is a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach and presents regularly at AFL coaching courses.

    Associate Professor Fiona Farringdon

    Position: Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Health promotion; community development; health and physical education; alcohol and drug programs; eating patterns of adolescents; mental health

    Associate Professor Fiona Farringdon has been involved in health education and health promotion for over 25 years at the practitioner and academic levels.  Her research interests include the efficacy of school-based health education programs; reducing alcohol and other drug related harm for individuals and communities, eating patterns of adolescents, and mental health in adolescents.

    Dr Fleur McIntyre

    Position: Associate Professor and Discipline Head & Course Coordinator, Exercise and Sports Science
    Areas of Expertise: Young children’s motor coordination

    Dr Fleur McIntyre is a Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences. Fleur currently coordinates units involving physical activity and health, motor control, psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity.

    Professor Naomi Trengove

    Position: Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Health and physical education, exercise and sport science, preventive health

    Professor Naomi Trengove is the Dean of the School of Health Sciences. Naomi trained as a registered nurse before specialising further in wound healing.

  • Indigenous issues, research and education

    Associate Professor Sandra Wooltorton

    Position: Senior Research Fellow, Education
    Areas of Expertise: Two-way learning, children and nature, social ecology, sustainability transition.

    Dr Sandra Wooltorton comes from Noongar country in South West Western Australia. She joined Notre Dame as Director of Nulungu Research Institute in January 2015. Sandra has worked at different times as a teacher, an education officer, and a lecturer/researcher in WA and the NT. She worked as a teacher educator at Edith Cowan University (Bunbury) from 1999 until 2013 and in 2014 she taught the junior class at Muludja Remote Community School in the Fitzroy Valley, WA. Sandra has a passion for Aboriginal education and sustainability education and a commitment to environmental and social justice.

    Sally Clark

    Position: Adjunct Research Fellow
    Areas of Expertise: Midwifery, child health, sexual and reproductive health, nursing education, Aboriginal studies

    Sally Clark is the Acting Head of the Broome Campus and also the Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Broome. Sally has led the development of innovative ways of providing educational opportunities to people living in regional and remote areas.

  • Law and the legal system

  • Marketing and public relations

    Vikki Baldwin

    Position: Senior Lecturer and Discipline Coordinator, Marketing
    Areas of Expertise: Corporate social responsibility, public relations, international marketing

    Owning and operating her own marketing and public relations consultancy since the 1990’s, Vikki Baldwin brings her industry experience with her and incorporates this expertise into her teaching and work with students. Vikki is a member of the National Education Committee for the Public Relations Institute of Australia; a certified practising marketer; and a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society.

    Maree Piper

    Position: Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Marketing, Advertising

    Maree Piper has has designed marketing strategies for the tourism industry and for print and radio broadcasters. As a promotional strategist, she has coordinated special events, publicity and advertising across a broad range of industries.

  • Media and the arts

    Professor Chris Wortham

    Position: Adjunct Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Ancient, medieval and modern drama, Shakespeare, 17th century poetry, Australian literature

    Professor Christopher Wortham has been Professor of Theatre Studies and English Literature since 2009. He is also Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning).

    Michael McCall

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Film and Screen Production, Media, Arts

    Michael McCall works in a professional capacity as a director, actor, playwright, dramaturg, script editor, arts advocate and educator in stage and screen and arts education in Australia since 1997. He is a graduate of Curtin University (1997), with BA English, as well as a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Acting Course (2001). In 2008, he completed Honours at Curtin in Performance Studies. He completed a Masters in film and television directing and screenwriting at the WA Screen Academy (2008-09) and is in the final stage of a PhD in Performing Arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

    Dr Mignon Shardlow

    Position: Senior Lecturer & Discipline Coordinator, Journalism
    Areas of Expertise: Journalism education, work integrated learning, media ethics and freedom, new media, health communication, global media, journalism and activism and community journalism

    Dr Mignon Shardlow is a journalist turned academic with experience in newsrooms from the Republic of Palau in Micronesia to Kununurra in Western Australia.

    Georgina Ledvinka

    Position: National Director, Student Engagement and Support
    Areas of Expertise: Gothic fiction (old and new) including books, films and TV – vampires, monsters, zombies etc, Books and films for children and young adults

    Georgina Ledvinka lectures in English Literature, specialising in gothic literature and its legacy, world literatures and other influential literature forms. Georgina’s current research focuses on representations of religion and gender in fantasy literature for children and young adults.

    Dr Ari Mattes

    Position: Assistant Dean, Academic & Lecturer, Media & Communications and English Literature
    Areas of Expertise: Media Studies (especially new media), Hollywood Film, Contemporary Literature

    Dr Ari Mattes is a Lecturer in Communications and Media Studies within the School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney. He specialises in Hollywood films and literature.

    Dr Jane Stenning

    Position: Director Notre Dame Study Centre, Sydney
    Areas of Expertise: Australian literature, 1890s, esp. Henry Lawson, Frank Moorhouse, Media representations of Indigenous Australians, Creative non-fiction

    Dr Jane Stenning’s key research interests lie in narratology and, in particular, the relationship between irony, ethics and narrative.

    Jane Bergeron

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Theatre maker, professional actor, director and playwright

    From 1990-2002 Jane Bergeron served as artistic director of Vintage Repertory Company in Portland, Maine, staging over 40 professional productions of modern and contemporary European and American plays. Directing credits include plays by Chekhov, Pinter, Albee, Moliere, Mamet and Shakespeare.

    Associate Professor Camilla Nelson

    Position: Discipline Head, Journalism & Writing and Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise:

  • Medicine and health research

    Professor Christine Bennett AO

    Position: Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Mental health and wellbeing, doctor education, paediatrics

    Professor Christine Bennett is a specialist paediatrician and has over 30 years of health industry experience in clinical care, strategic planning and senior management in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and has an active commitment to and involvement in medical professional issues, social policy and medical research.

    Professor Eric Visser

    Position: Professor and Churack Chair in Chronic Pain, Education and Research
    Areas of Expertise: Chronic pain, pain medicine

    Professor Eric Visser is Notre Dame’s Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research. Professor Visser holds a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Western Australia, and is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Professor Visser is one of the founding Fellows of Pain Medicine in Western Australia and has contributed to the growth of the Faculty significantly. He is also a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain and several other pain focused reference groups. Professor Visser was previously a consultant in pain medicine and anaesthesia at both Royal Perth and Fremantle Hospitals until 2014.

    Professor Donna Mak

    Position: Professor and Chair, Population and Preventative Health Domain
    Areas of Expertise: Rural and regional health care; Aboriginal health

    Professor Donna Mak is the Head of Population and Preventive Health in the School of Medicine, Fremantle. Her specialty is in rural and regional health care.

    Professor Kathryn Hird

    Position: Associate Dean, Research
    Areas of Expertise: Speech therapy, university teaching, mentoring

    Professor Kathryn Hird is Associate Dean (Preclinical) in the School of Medicine, Fremantle. She specialises in speech therapy, science, psychology and university teaching.

    Professor Jim Codde

    Position: Director, Institute for Health Research
    Areas of Expertise: Public health, health service research, cancer treatment

    Professor Jim Codde’s research career spans three decades and several disciplines. He commenced his doctoral studies in the University Department of Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH). Moving to the University Department of Surgery at RPH where he worked for several years, he joined a team that sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cancer treatment using a number of novel targeting strategies that included chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hysteresis and immunotherapy. During this time, his roles included being the Director of the Epidemiology Branch, and more recently, Director Clinical Planning in the South Metropolitan Health Service where he and his team contributed to the design of the recently opened Fiona Stanley Hospital. Jim has held adjunct professorial positions at UWA and Curtin University and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Telethon Kids Institute.

    Professor Beth Hands

    Position: Academic Sessional
    Areas of Expertise: Children and adolescents, nutrition

    Professor Beth Hands was the Project Director of the WA Child and Adolescent Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey 2003 (WA CAPANS) conducted by Notre Dame for the Premier’s Physical Activity taskforce and is an Honorary Research Fellow with the Telethon ICHR.  She is an investigator on many grants and collaborates with leading researchers around the country and internationally.

    Professor Max Bulsara

    Position: Professor and Chair, Biostatistics
    Areas of Expertise: Epidemology, disease

    Professor Max Bulsara holds the Chair in Biostatistics. He has been involved in epidemiological studies for over two decades both in Zambia (Tropical Disease epidemiology) and in Australia (the Busselton survey, the MONICA survey, the MASTERS trial, the AIRCRAFT, the TARGIT trail). In 2006 he (with three other colleagues) won WA Inventor of the Year in the Research Organisation Category for his work on developing HEPASCORE a non-invasive method of diagnosing liver fibrosis.

    Dr Annabelle Farnsworth

    Position: Adjunct Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Gynaecological pathology

    Dr Annabelle Farnsworth is an Adjunct Professor and holds the Douglass Hanly Moir Chair in Pathology in the School of Medicine, Sydney. Dr Farnsworth is a specialist gynaecological histopathologist and cytopathologist and is Director of Cytopathology at Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology. She is well known throughout Australia and internationally for her contributions to cytology and gynaecological pathology.

    Professor Margaret Somerville

    Position: Professor of Bio-ethics
    Areas of Expertise: Bio-ethics

  • Nursing and midwifery

    Professor Elaine Pavlos

    Position: Dean of the School of Nursing & Midwifery
    Areas of Expertise: Midwifery, paediatrics, child health, counselling

    Professor Elaine Pavlos has senior executive experience in a number of roles in both the private and public sectors including Director of Nursing and Chief Executive Officer. Clinically Elaine has extensive experience in acute nursing, paediatrics and maternity care. Her research has included The Effects of Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia; Parents Participation in their Child’s Care; Reviews of Scope of Practice and Supervision of Postgraduate Paediatric Nursing Students. Elaine has also worked nationally to deliver tailored programs to develop the leadership capabilities of Nurse Managers. Elaine uses her range of coaching skills to work with middle managers and senior executive staff in health care.

    Dr Karen Clark-Burg

    Position: Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Perioperative nursing, nursing management and teaching, learning innovations

    Dr Karen Clark-Burg is currently the Acting Dean of the School of Nursing & Midwifery in Fremantle. Her research interests are in the area of perioperative nursing, nursing management, decision making and learning and teaching innovations.

    Professor Selma Alliex

    Position: Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Fremantle
    Areas of Expertise: clinical education, palliative care, intensive care

    Professor Selma Alliex is the Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of the Fremantle Campus. Her area of expertise is nursing education and qualitative research. She has worked in all areas of nursing and has current nursing experience as a Community Health Nurse.

    Darren Falconer

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Critical Care, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, Public Health, Professional Issues in Nursing, Men in Nursing

    Darren Falconer has been a qualified registered nurse since 1997. His nursing experience is predominantly in Accident and Emergency nursing and medical repatriation. Darren has had quite a varied career to date, with a great deal of knowledge and clinical experience. Whilst teaching is his passion, he continues to work clinically to maintain his clinical skills, whilst also keeping up-to-date with what is happening within the healthcare system. In addition, he has been Clinical Supervisor for the international clinical placements to Tanzania and Vietnam for the last three years. His research interests are in the field of online learning and the use of technology, and men in nursing.

    Dr Judith Wilson

    Position: Assistant Dean and Undergraduate Course Coordinator
    Areas of Expertise: Midwifery, Aboriginal pregnancy, women's health care

    Judith Wilson is a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife having more than 29 years of clinical experience both nationally and internationally.

    Professor Leanne Monterosso

    Position: Chair of Nursing (Clinical Nursing)
    Areas of Expertise: Palliative care, neonates, paediatrics, midwifery, clinical ethics, translational research

    Professor Leanne Monterosso in the inaugural Chair of Nursing (Clinical Nursing) at Notre Dame's Fremantle Campus and St John of God Murdoch Hospital. Leanne has a comprehensive research background and has attracted significant research funding including grants from the ARC, NHMRC and the Canadian Health Institute.

    Sally Robertson

    Position: Dean, School of Nursing
    Areas of Expertise: Intensive care, Curriculum coordinator, Education development

    Sally Robertson is Associate Dean of the School of Nursing, Sydney. She has extensive experience in postgraduate nursing education and have had opportunities to work with many clinical experts in a wide range of specialties.

    Associate Professor Joanna Patching

    Position: Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Eating disorders, body image and organ donation

    Professor Patching is a registered nurse and a registered psychologist. She has over 20 years of clinical experience working as an Inpatient Mental Health Nurse, a Community Mental Health Nurse, a Clinical Nurse Consultant (Mental Health), and a Private Psychologist. Since 2000 Jo has also worked as an academic, teaching both undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. In these academic roles Jo has engaged in curriculum development, under- graduate and post-graduate teaching, supervision of research students and on-going research projects.

  • Philosophy, Theology and chaplaincy

    Dr Sandra Lynch

    Position: Professor of Moral Philosophy
    Areas of Expertise: All things faith, ethics & society.

    Dr Sandra Lynch is the Director of the Institute for Ethics and Society. Her research interests lie in the areas of ethics and values education, the constitution of the self, friendship, critical thinking, and the intersection of philosophy and literature.

    Dr Philip Matthews

    Position: Acting Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Philosophy

    Dr Philip Matthews is Acting Dean of the School of Philosophy & Theology, Fremantle. His current academic interest is in cosmology and the philosophy of science and thus he is a keen amateur astronomer.

    Rev Dr Peter Black

    Position: Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Sacred theology, Catholic health care

    Rev Dr Peter Black is a Professor within the School of Philosophy & Theology in Fremantle. He has lectured in moral theology at the Vincent Pallotti Institute for the Laity, Rome, at Catholic Institute of Sydney, The Catholic Theological Union, Hunters Hill, and Yarra Theological Union.

    Dr Angus Brook

    Position: Associate Head of Campus
    Areas of Expertise: Metaphysics, Aristotle, St Thomas Aquinas, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Education

    Dr Angus Brook is Associate Dean of the School of Philosophy & Theology, Sydney. His research interests are: Metaphysics; particularly that of Aristotle and St. Thomas, Ontology, Phenomenology, and the philosophy of education.

    Dr Robin Dennis

    Position: Senior Lecturer and LOGOS Administrator and Learning Management System Coordinator
    Areas of Expertise: Logos, Philosophy (Secularism and Christianity)

    Dr Robin Dennis is the Logos Administrator and Learning Management System Coordinator on the Sydney Campus. His research interests include the role of reason in Christian tradition, the origins and status of modern understandings of reason, theories of secularisation, and the relationship between Christianity and the dominate forms of secularism.

    Mr Peter Holmes

    Position: Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
    Areas of Expertise: Teaching Areas include: Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical (Koine) Greek, Fundamental Theology, Evangelisation, Masculinity, Preaching and Pastoral Theology.

    Peter’s research and expertise is in: Scripture, Biblical Interpretation, Faith and Reason, Pastoral Theology, Masculinity, Computer Gaming and Morality.

    Associate Professor John Rees

    Position: Acting Director, Institute for Ethics and Society, Sydney
    Areas of Expertise:

    Secularism and postsecularism in international relations, Religion and international development policy, Religion and foreign policy,  Political theology

    Professor Renee Kohler-Ryan

    Position: Dean, School of Philosophy & Theology
    Areas of Expertise:

    Dr Kevin Wagner

    Position: Lecturer in Theology
    Areas of Expertise:

  • Physiotherapy

    Professor Peter Hamer

    Position: Professor and Senior Academic Leader
    Areas of Expertise: All areas of physiotherapy

    Professor Peter Hamer is the Dean of the School of Physiotherapy. Professor Hamer is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the International Society of Biomechanics, the Australian Association for Exercise & Sports Science and Sports Medicine Australia. He has served on the National Board of Sports Medicine Australia and is currently the President of the WA Branch.

    Associate Professor Jo Connaughton

    Position: Adjunct Associate Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Physiotherapy and mental health, paediatrics

    Associate Professor Jo Connaughton is the Clinical Education Coordinator of the School of Physiotherapy. During her time as senior physiotherapist and discipline coordinator in a mental health setting Jo organised and chaired a forum of Physiotherapists working in Mental Health to allow for discussion and development of physiotherapy and mental health in WA.

    Associate Professor Dale Edgar

    Position: Associate Professor and Head of Burn Injury Research Node
    Areas of Expertise: Pressure pain threshold, chronic pain, mental health, central nervous system function in chronic back pain, spinal injury

    Associate Professor Dale Edgar is a senior physiotherapist and researcher for more than 20 years, with the past 17 years dedicated to the specialisation in provision and improvement of burn survivor and acute trauma rehabilitation in a number of Australian burns and plastic surgery units.

    Bianca Haagman

    Position: Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Neurology

    Bianca Haagman is a Lecturer in the School of Physiotherapy teaching within the neurological stream of the program. Bianca joined Notre Dame in 2012, before which she had worked at Royal Perth Hospital since 2006, predominantly in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Her current research interests include physiotherapy management of the shoulder following spinal cord injury.

    Dr Ben Wand

    Position: Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Pressure pain threshold, chronic pain, mental health, central nervous system function in chronic back pain, spinal injury

    Associate Professor Ben Wand is the Coordinator of Musculoskeletal Studies in the School of Physiotherapy.  His current research interests include the role of central nervous system dysfunction in chronic low back pain and physiotherapy management of chronic spinal pain.

    Myles Murphy

    Position: Academic sessional
    Areas of Expertise: Concussion, sports injuries and tendon Pain and Injury

    PhD Candidate | The University of Notre Dame Australia Sports Physiotherapist | Western Australian Cricket Association Sports Physiotherapist | SportsMed Subiaco

  • Politics and international relations

    Dr Daniel Baldino

    Position: Senior Lecturer & Discipline Coordinator, Politics and International Relations
    Areas of Expertise: International relations, foreign policy, security, intelligence

    Dr Daniel Baldino is a political scientist, specialising in Australian foreign and defence policy, counter-terrorism, contemporary intelligence issues and non- traditional security threats.

    Dr Martin Drum

    Position: Associate Dean, Research
    Areas of Expertise: Australian politics, public policy, political history, parliamentary processes

    Dr Martin Drum has worked public sector in the past and is an expert in Australian politics and public policy.

    Associate Professor John Rees

    Position: Acting Director, Institute for Ethics and Society, Sydney
    Areas of Expertise: International politics

    Dr John Rees is the foundation Lecturer in Politics and International Relations on the Sydney Campus. He has published and presented academic research internationally and in Australia.

  • Teaching and education

    Professor Chris Hackett

    Position: Associate Dean (Religious Education)
    Areas of Expertise: Religious education, pastoral care, spirituality, values education

    Professor Chris Hackett teaches in the areas of Religious Education, pastoral care, spirituality education and values education. Chris has published academic articles and book chapters on Religious Education, teacher formation and student ministry and presented at conferences on the formation of RE teachers, student ministry and the spirituality of young people.

    Dr Jean MacNish

    Position: Associate Professor and Coordinator, Information Communication Technology
    Areas of Expertise: K-12 education, eLearning, ICT learning, mobile learning technology

    Dr Jean MacNish coordinates and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate units in Information & Communications Technologies in the School of Education.

    Professor Marguerite Maher

    Position: Adjunct Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Social justice, ATSI education, early childhood education (preparing children in remote areas for school)

    Professor Marguerite Maher has been a teacher educator in universities, a teacher in secondary and primary schools, and has taught in early childhood settings in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Dr Sean Kearney

    Position: Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Educational Leadership

    Dr Sean Kearney is Associate Dean (Academic) in the School of Education, Sydney. Sean’s research interests include: assessment in higher education; service-learning as a means to improving educational outcomes; teachers' attrition and retention; and the psychology of learning styles.

    Julie Maakrun

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: Primary Pedagogy

    Julie Maakrun is a Lecturer in Primary Education in the School of Education, Sydney. Julie lectures in general pedagogy, second language learners and is an active member of the university community. Her research interests are in service-learning, underlined by the international experience programs she has undertaken with students in Kenya.

    Professor Kevin Watson

    Position: Professor, Science Education
    Areas of Expertise:

    Before leaving the school sector after 16 years Professor Watson was Curriculum Coordinator at The Hills Grammar School. He has been a consultant for the Republic of Maldives Ministry of Education and UNICEF and has worked with AusAid on issues around Global Education. Kevin has had numerous consultancies with NSW DEC and conducted funded research for NSW DEC and the Australian Academy of Science. He has a Councilor, Vice-President and President of the NSW Institute for Educational Research (IeR) and spent six years as a Councilor with the Science Teachers’ Association of NSW. Kevin was Head of Program (Secondary) at UWS and is a founding member of the ROSETE Project which is implementing a research-based teacher education program with partners in China and NSW DEC.

    Professor Boris Handal

    Position: Acting Associate Dean
    Areas of Expertise: Digital Learning Technologies

    His academic background is rich in diversity with a breadth of experience accrued through involvement in academic development, curriculum development, lecturing, research and project management at various educational institutions. His educational research, although mostly focused on the interface between mathematics education and digital technologies, is trans-disciplinary and comprises about 100 conference and journal papers, books and book chapters published in Australia, the United States of America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.