Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Our story

The story of our University is remarkable.

Our establishment as Australia’s first Catholic University. Our growth from 50 postgraduate and 25 international students in 1992, to over 12,000 undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students today.

Our rapid expansion from Fremantle to Broome, Sydney, regional New South Wales and Victoria; our commitment to providing an outstanding transformative and integrative education and forming good citizens, which has earned our university widespread recognition through national student experience surveys and graduate employment outcomes.

But it is the contribution our students, staff and alumni make to the communities and professions they serve that writes the truly remarkable story of Notre Dame.

We are coming to a new chapter of the Notre Dame story, one in which we need your help to write the future of our university.

Our future

In our fourth decade we look ahead to continuing to pursue our Objects by building upon our history and distinctiveness, and enhancing our positive impact on the community.

Our task, therefore, is to develop a new collaborative Strategic Plan for the University. The Plan will embrace the opportunities ahead of us and work to a common goal of forming good citizens and making a difference to the communities we serve through teaching, scholarship and research.

We are starting a series of conversations and exchanges with staff, students, stakeholders’ trustees, directors and friends, about the future of our university. We want to talk about the future, what each of us envisions, what we collectively want to achieve, and how we attain the objectives we set for ourselves as a community.

We will keep you informed of how to get involved as the process continues.

Shape our Future

Get Involved

We welcome your suggestions, ideas and feedback - at any time.
Please contact the Strategy Development Team.

We are establishing a reference group to advise on engagement throughout this process. This group will advise on stakeholder
engagement and communications, so the strategic planning process is provided meaningful and effective input, and to promote
stakeholder awareness and support for the plan. To join this reference group, please provide your details below.

Contact the Strategy Development Team at

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The new Strategic Plan will be developed throughout this year, through a three phase process.

The process we will follow

Phase 1
Review performance and
assess future context
Phase 2
Identify, develop,
evaluate potential actions
Phase 3
and delivery planning

Stakeholder engagement

There will be many ways to be involved and kept up to date, including:

  • Faculty and Department-based sessions and workshops to provide updates and to obtain input.
  • Cross-disciplinary teams from across the University working together to consider ideas and options.
  • A stakeholder reference group to advise on engagement throughout this process.
  • Plenary sessions.
  • Website and email updates.

Dates and times for sessions will be added to this page and we will let you know of any major updates. If you have ideas on the engagement process, contact us on or use the feedback form.

Suggestions, Ideas, Feedback

We welcome your suggestions, ideas and feedback -at any time.

Contact the Strategy Development Team at

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