September 2021 Update

Phase 1 in the development of the University’s 2022-26 Strategic Plan is now complete and Phasw 2 is now underway.

Phase 1

Over 12 weeks, 10 staff leaders have hosted 30 staff workshops, engaging more than 700 staff and collecting 126 individual ideas. During these workshops, we asked staff to identify the key strengths of the University. Overwhelmingly, staff continually ranked Pastoral Care, Teaching and Student Experience as differentiators and unique positioning strengths.

The key themes, challenges and opportunities from Phase 1 are explored in the What We Heard.

Phase 2

During the first two weeks of September, our Executive Deans hosted six feedback workshops specifically for faculty staff focussed on how the new Strategic Plan effectively aligns with the growth and success goals of each faculty. During these workshops, faculty staff provided specific feedback about the summary document, identified key areas for growth and contributed new ideas for the future success of their faculty’s.

In mid-September, six portfolio-specific workshops were hosted by university leads focussing on their areas of key interest and contributions towards the success implementation of the 2022-26 Strategic Plan including visions of growth and financial sustainability.

We understand that not everyone was able to attend their portfolio-specific session due teaching conflicts and other commitments. We have prepared a short survey for those unable to attend, which reflect the questions asked in the session, so all can contribute to the University-wide 2022-26 Strategic Plan. The Strategy Development Team invites you to share your responses to these three questions HERE.

Staff Engagement to date

Workshop for Portofolio and enabling Staff

Date Event Time AWST Time AEST Workshop Host Registration
Wednesday, 15 September 2021 Academic Development 9am 12:30pm Michelle Campbell
Pro Vice Chancellor Academic Development
Thursday, 16 September 2021 People & Culture 12pm 2pm Jane Street
Pro Vice Chancellor People & Culture
Thursday, 16 September 2021 Strategy & Planning, Legal, University Secretary 1pm 3pm Julian Smith
Pro Vice Chancellor Strategy & Planning
Friday, 17 September 2021 Associate Provost 2pm 4pm Sam Jonsson
Associate Provost

Our Future

In our fourth decade we look ahead to continuing to pursue our Objects by building upon our history and distinctiveness, and enhancing our positive impact on the community.

Our task, therefore, is to develop a new collaborative Strategic Plan for the University. The Plan will embrace the opportunities ahead of us and work to a common goal of forming good citizens and making a difference to the communities we serve through teaching, scholarship and research.

We are continuing a series of conversations and exchanges with staff, students, stakeholders’ trustees, directors and friends, about the future of our university. We want to talk about the future, what each of us envisions, what we collectively want to achieve, and how we attain the objectives we set for ourselves as a community.

Throughout the strategic planning process, we encourage the participation and collaboration from the University’s community through the numerous engagement channels to share input and suggestions.

The collected contributions of our University community will shape the key themes and initiatives of the 2022-26 Strategic Plan.

What's next

We understand the economic, social and cultural influence of recent years - in particular 2020 and 2021 - have significantly shaped the perception and place of the higher education sector at a national and international scale. It’s never been more important than now to realign our strategic initiatives, particularly the need to ensure future financial and research viability and sustainability.

During the next critical stage of this three-phase process, cross-departmental groups will analyse the contributions collected across all stakeholder groups to identify key initiatives under each strategic theme that will support the visions for the University over the next five years.

Shape our Future

Academic Development and Research

World standard research performance across a minimum number of current teaching and/or research disciplines is a critical regulatory obligation for Australian universities, including UNDA. The Context Paper highlighted the requirement for UNDA to improve the quality and quantity of research to meet and exceed the Provider Category Standards (PCS).

Infrastructure and Campus Development

Across the eleven workshops, staff continually ranked investment in infrastructure as the highest enabler to achieve the University’s aspirations. In general, most staff agreed that technology and overall campus space required the most significant and urgent investment, with particular reference to the Sydney and Broome campuses.

Culture, Inclusion and Accessibility

A reoccurring theme expressed during the workshops, was a desire to be relevant to the communities and regions the University serve. It was suggested that this can be achieved by diversifying the student cohort through new entry pathways, programs and partners, infrastructure and improved peer to peer mentoring.

Student Wellbeing & Learning

UNDA continues to be recognised as an outstanding provider of student skills development, teaching and experience, ranking as the number 1 university in Australia for overall student satisfaction and skills scale. When asked ‘Where do you see opportunity for growth or advancement within UNDA?’, staff continually ranked ‘Research’ and ‘Postgraduate Programs’ as the highest areas for potential growth.

Integration and internationalisation

UNDA has a significantly low international student ratio when compared to competitors, with only 2% of the 12,000-student cohort accounting for international students. Staff recognise there is an opportunity to expand into the international student market as a new revenue stream for the university with a commitment to maintain the ethos of community and personalised student offering. The University is dedicated to a national teaching and learning model and enabling a greater shift in organisational culture, to include national education offerings that create opportunities for students to move across Australia within their degree.

Partners and Programs

The university has some established multiple existing successful partnership, particularly in the healthcare and education sectors. UNDA has a relatively short history with over 26,000 alumni across Australia and globally with no significant endowment fund existing. It has been identified through these discussions there is an opportunity to increase the inclusion and participation of university alumni and the local communities and businesses through strategic initiatives and key partnerships and programs.

A plan developed by our University community for our University community

We look forward to delivering a Strategic Plan that embraces the opportunities ahead of us and works to a common goal of forming good citizens and making a difference to the communities we serve through teaching, scholarship and research. We will keep you informed about the Plan's progress and later this year, hope to share the endorsed 2022-26 Strategy Plan with the university community. Stay tuned, the best is still to come.

Suggestions, Ideas, Feedback

Contact the Strategy Developmeny Team at

The mailbox is regularly monitored, all suggestions and feedback will be promptly responded to by a member of the Team.