Dr. Marieke Ledingham

B.Sc.(Psych), Post Grad Dip (Psych), M.Counselling, PhD.
Senior Lecturer

Email: marieke.ledingham@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0221

  • Biography

    Marieke is programme coordinator for the Master of Counselling, Fremantle. She is an experienced psychologist and counsellor who has worked in Ireland and Australia in the private and public sectors, including hospital settings, community agencies, private practice, secondary and tertiary institutions. She currently works with adults and couples on a wide range of issues in private practice.

    Marieke’s PhD research focused on burnout in the mental health profession, specifically focusing on perceptual barriers to recognising and responding to burnout in the workplace. This research led to a theoretical model of perceptual barriers to burnout prevention and recommendations as to how these might be addressed in the mental health workforce.

    Marieke has presented her research at several academic and professional conferences and also gives guest lectures to students and practitioners on the topic of burnout, wellbeing and workplace stress.

    Marieke has taught counselling and psychology units at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels at Curtin, ECU and Murdoch before commencing her position at Notre Dame.

  • Teaching areas

    • Approaches to Mental Health
    • Research Project
    • Theoretical Approaches to Counselling
    • Counselling Skills for the Professions
  • Research expertise and supervision

    Qualitative research methodology
    Workplace wellbeing, organisational culture, stress, burnout.
    Stigma and mental ill health
    Counsellor and psychotherapist development

    Reviewer for academic journals such as Australian Psychologist, Community Psychologist and Psychreg.

    Current Research Supervision:

    • Veteran Paramedic Wellbeing (PhD)
    • Experience of parents with cancer whilst parenting minor-aged children (MPhil)
    • Rural and remote school staff wellbeing  (PhD)
    • Workplace wellbeing, spirituality and self compassion  (PhD)
    • Defining Mental Fitness (PhD)
    • Domestic violence interventions for service users from South-Asia (PhD)
    • Workplace stress and burnout amongst ICU nurses (MPhil)

    Completed Master of Counselling dissertations:

    • Counsellor’s perceptions of the therapeutic alliance when working with survivors of intimate partner violence
    • Shared experiences in women recovering from intimate partner violence
    • The impact of mental health conditions on families
    • Common threads: What motivates young adult women to join community textile craft groups?
    • The experience of parental repartnering for children
    • Pro-ana lived experiences: A case study
    • Exploring the impact of fairy tales in modern day life
    • Exploring Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) as a counselling intervention
    • Indian immigrants and their counsellors: Implications for Australian counselling practice
    • Counter-transference: Therapists’ ways of seeing
  • Journal articles and Proceedings

    • Ledingham, M. D., Standen, P., Skinner, C., & Busch, R. (2019). “I should have known”. The perceptual barriers faced by mental health workers in recognising and responding to their own burnout symptoms. Asia-Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy. https://doi.org/10.1080/21507686.2019.1634600
    • Mathisen, M. & Ledingham, M.D. (2018). Indian immigrants and their counsellors: Implications for Australian counselling practice. Proceedings of the International Conference on Psychology, Counselling, and Education, Vol 1, 3 August 2018.
    • Luff, J. & Ledingham, M.D. (2017). Exploring inquiry-based stress reduction (IBSR) as a counselling intervention. Proceedings of the International Conference on
      Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences. Vol 4, 2 August 2017
    • Busch, R., & Ledingham, M. (2016). Bothered bloggings and troubled tweets: Constructions of stress and concerns for early-career academics [Edited reprint]. Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies, 2(2), 599-609.  Retrieved from http://apiar.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/7_APJABSS_ICABSS_BRR760_SS_599-609.pdf
    • Busch, R., & Ledingham, M. (2016). Bothered bloggings and troubled tweets: Constructions of stress and concerns for early-career academics. In First International Conference on Advanced Business and Social Sciences (Conference Proceedings: ICABSS-2016) (pp. 505-515). Gordon, NSW: Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research. Retrieved from http://apiar.org.au/?conference=1st-international-conference-on-advanced-business-social-sciences-icabss-2016
  • Conference papers

    • Ledingham, M.D., Standen, P. & Skinner, C. (2011). Beliefs and perceptions about burnout amongst mental health professionals. European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), Maastritch,198-198.
    • Ledingham, M.D., Standen, P. & Skinner, C. (2013), Beliefs and perceptions about the burnt-out worker: Implications for the mental health professions. International Community, Work and Family Conference, CWFC, Sydney, NSW
    • Ledingham, M.D. (2014). New perspectives on burnout prevention in mental health. TheMHS Conference 2014, Mental Health Services, Balmain, NSW.
    • Ledingham, M.D., Standen, P. Skinner, C. (2015). Perceptions and misperceptions about burnout: Implications for burnout prevention in mental health workers. The British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, BPS, Glasgow, 278-280
  • In the media

  • Professional affiliations

    • Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency - Registered Psychologist
    • Australian Association for Psychologists
    • The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology
  • Community engagement

    Guest lectures on managing stress and burnout in health professions

  • Awards

    • 2010-2013 ECU Research Excellence Award
    • 2010 - 2013 Australian Postgraduate Award