Dr Shane Lavery

BA, BLitt, BEd (Hons), MEd, MA (Theol Studies), EdD
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Post Graduate Studies

Email: shane.lavery@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0173

  • Biography

    Shane Lavery is the coordinator of postgraduate studies in the School of Education, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus. He teaches social justice, service-learning and ecological studies at undergraduate level. His postgraduate teaching areas are educational leadership, research methods in education and ecological studies. Shane is published in the fields of educational leadership, service-learning, student leadership and ecological education. He is a member of the editorial board of the eJournal of Catholic Education in Australasia.

  • Teaching areas

    Post Graduate: Educational Leadership, Religious Education, Ecological Education.
    Undergraduate: Service-Learning, Ecological Education, Social Justice

  • Research expertise and supervision

    Research Expertise
    Educational leadership, Student leadership, Service-learning, Ecological Education,, Religious Education

    Graduated Research Students

    • McCrory, L. (PhD, 2020). Perceptions of year 12 students from five Catholic Secondary Schools in Western Australia towards teaching as a career
      (Associate Professor Anne Coffey, principal supervisor)
    • Mead, C. (EdD, 2019). The educational leadership experiences of principals and their respective leadership teams in the implementation of a Josephite approach to education in six schools in the Josephite tradition.
      (Associate Professor Dianne Chambers, co-supervisor)
    • Black, D. (PhD, 2018). To teach or not to teach?  The experiences and self-perceptions of early career teachers in Western Australian Catholic primary schools that led them to remain in the profession.
      (Dr Gregory Hine, co-supervisor)
    • Datta Roy, S. (EdD, 2016). Contextual experiences of overseas trained teachers before and after obtaining a teaching position in a public secondary school of Western Australia and South Australia in reference to their cultural perspectives
    • Holmes, C. (MEd, 2016). The introduction of Montessori teaching and learning practices in an early childhood classroom in a remote indigenous school
      (Dr Glenda Cain co-supervisor)
    • Glasson, S. (PhD, 2014). Developing tomorrow’s school leaders: The Western Australian Catholic Education Aspiring Principals Program
    • Sayce, D. (EdD, 2014). What are the professional and personal needs of beginning Western Australian Catholic school principals during the first four years of their appointment?
    • Hine, G. (PhD, 2011). Exploring the development of student leadership potential within a Catholic school: a qualitative case study
      (Dr Tony Ryan co-supervisor)
    • Schiffer, N. (MEd, 2010). An exploration of the study abroad experiences of United States students in three halls of residence at a Catholic university in Western Australia
      (Associate Professor Dianne Chambers co-supervisor)
  • Book chapters

    • Chambers, D., & Lavery, D. (2017). Introduction to service-learning and inclusive education. In S. Lavery, D. Chambers, & G. Cain (Eds.). Service-Learning: Enhancing Inclusive Education (pp. 3-20), United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing.
    • Lavery, S., Coffey, A., & Sandri, S. (2017). The value of service-learning in a pre-service secondary teacher qualification. In S. Lavery, D. Chambers, & G. Cain (Eds.). Service-Learning: Enhancing Inclusive Education (pp. 241-264), United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing.
    • Lavery, S., Sayce, D., & Peterson, S. (2017). Teaching ecological themes in religious education. In R. Rymarz, & A. Belmonte (Eds.). Religious education in Australian Catholic schools: Exploring the landscape. Australia: Vaughan Publishing.
    • Lavery, S. (2015). Religious Educators: Championing the concept of sustainable living. In M. Buchanan, & A. Gellel (Eds.). Global perspectives on Catholic religious education in schools. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
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  • Journal articles and proceedings

    • Lavery, S., & Coffey, A. (2020). Middle school students’ views about leaders and leadership. Improving Schools, 1-13
    • Scharf, M., Hackett, C., & Lavery, S. (2020). Have you gone to Galilee? Spiritual and religious formation for Catholic school educators in Western Australia. ejournal of Catholic Education in Australasia. 4(1)
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  • Conference papers

    • Lavery, S., & Coffey, A. (2016). Service-learning: Promoting the development of the graduate professional standards in pre-service secondary teachers. Teaching and Learning Forum 2016
    • Hine, G., & Lavery, S. D. (2014). The importance of action research in teacher education programs : Three testimonies. Teaching and Learning Forum 2014: Transformative, Innovative and Engaging.
    • Hine, G., & Lavery, S. D. (2013). Student leadership in Catholic schools: A matter of service!. 6th International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership.
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    • Lavery, S. D. (2007). Service-Learning – preparing students for leadership. Australian Association for Research in Education Conference.
  • Professional affiliations

    The eJournal of Catholic Education in Australia - An Editor 
    Religious Education Journal of Australia - Editorial Advisory Committee 
    The Australian Journal of Teacher Education - Reviewer
  • Community engagement

    Member of the Red Cross (Soup Patrol)
    Presenter for CEOWA Accreditation Courses (Social Justice)
    Professional Development with school staffs: service-learning, servant leadership, educational leadership, student leadership, environmental concerns, social justice.
  • Awards

    Emerald Literati Award 2018 (Outstanding Author Contribution)
    Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (SPERA) Rural Education Award (2017)
    The Vice Chancellor’s Award for Initiatives that Enhance Student Learning (2016)
    Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation, (2009)
    Dean's Teaching Award, (2007)