Dr Christopher Joyce

PhD, MSc, BSc

Email: chris.joyce@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0224

  • Biography

    Throughout my university education through to PhD, I have been actively involved in the field of health sciences from both a high performance and clinical perspective. At the high performance level, I have worked with state level Australian football (WPFC), basketball (Wan.Wolves) and rugby union (JBRUFC). During my PhD, in which I developed new 3D motion analysis methods, I obtained an affiliation with the PGA as an approved education provider in the area of health sciences. From a clinical perspective, I have worked as an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist in multiple private practices and still provide services at one of those (Regenerate Physiotherapy), specifically, musculoskeletal conditions in aged golfers. I have an active research profile, which has seen five publications stemming from my PhD, and also subsequent publications. I also collaborate with research and publications cross-institutionally (ECU, Deakin, VU). I am currently supervising six post-graduate students from Notre Dame and ECU from Honours to PhD. My specialist teaching areas range from; biomechanics (clinical & performance), functional anatomy and strength & conditioning. Throughout my academic career, I have attained an excellent teaching record and am always updating my teaching materials to include current theory and methods in specific areas which give students the required skills for current industry standards.

  • Teaching Areas

    Biomechanics, Functional anatomy, Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Physiology - Special populations, Musculoskeletal ex rehab & Gait analysis

  • Research Expertise and Supervision

    1 x PhD, 2 x MSc, 3 x Hons (all current students)

  • Journal Articles and Proceedings

    • Joyce, C. (2007). Combining a strength and power program for semi-professional footballers (AFL). Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning, 15, 15-21.
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., & Ball, K. (2010). Methodological considerations for the three-dimensional measurement of the X-factor and lower trunk movement in golf. Sports Biomechanics, 9, 206-221.
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., Ball, K., & Cochrane, J. (2013). Three-dimensional trunk kinematics in golf: between-club differences and relationships to clubhead speed. Sports Biomechanics, 12, 108-120.
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., & Matthews, M. (2013). A new method to identify the location of the kick point during the golf swing. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 29, 779-784.
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., Herbert, S., & Reyes, A. (2014). A dynamic evaluation of how kick point location influences swing parameters and related launch conditions. Proceedings IMechE Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering & Technology, 228, 111-119.
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., Cochrane, J., & Reyes, A. (2015). Trunk and wrist kinematics when maximising clubhead speed: Effect of changing the kick point. (In Review – IJSSC).
    • Joyce, C., Burnett, A., Sato, K., & Chivers, P. (2015). Multi-segment trunk models used to investigate the crunch factor in golf and its relationship with swing and launch parameters. (In Review - JSS).
    • Woods, C., Robertson, S., & Joyce, C. (2015). What are talent scouts actually identifying? Investigating the physical and technical skill match activity profiles of drafted and non-drafted U18 Australian footballers. (Under Review - JSAMS).
    • Cripps, A., Hopper, L., Joyce, C., & Veale, J. (2015). Pathway efficiency and relative age in the AFL Talent Pathway. (Under review - ISCJ).
  • Conference Papers

    Joyce, C., Burnett, A., & Herbert, S. (2012). The effects of the deflection point and shaft mass on swing and launch parameters in the golf swing. In: Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports (Eds. Bradshaw, L., Burnett, A., & Hume, P.), Melbourne, Australia, July 2 - 6, International Society of Biomechanics in Sport. pp. 88-91.

  • In the Media

    'Finding the perfect golf swing'. Vicon Life Sciences, 30th Birthday Ed., p.21
  • Professional Affiliations

    Exercise Physiologist 2015 - ESSA
    Exercise Scientist 2015 - ESSA
    Approved PGA provider - education
  • Community Engagement

    Ex Phys provider - Regenerate Physiotherapy, Churchlands