Health & Wellbeing

The Law School is committed to preparing students for the rigors of legal practice. On the journey through your course, it is acknowledged that students may require support due to a variety of personal reasons. For example:

  • some law cases or information discussed may contain confronting material;
  • there may be a pre-existing condition or a change in your personal circumstances (medical or otherwise).

It is advisable that students identify and address such issues as early as possible and seek support where necessary. Support can be in the form of course counselling, that is, looking at your study load and assessing whether this should be adjusted to meet your current needs. Or sometimes, it is just about having a chat with someone regarding what is concerning you and getting some advice on next steps.

There is a variety of support mechanisms in place for you to use, both within and outside of the School of Law.

Brent Scafidas
Assistant Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer (Corporations and Partnerships, Commercial Law, Property Law)
Justine Howard
Lecturer (Criminal Law, Remedies and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Phone (08) 9433 0724

However, the School of Law staff, both academics and administrative staff, are here to help so if you feel more comfortable talking to one of your other lecturers or administrative staff instead, please do so.

There is an extensive amount of online resources available through the Student Services website (listed above) and contact numbers of external organisations that can also help. There are also free hard-copy information booklets available from Student Services office on dealing with matters such as anxiety and depression which includes information on achievable changes that will support a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

We encourage you to:

  • get involved with the Notre Dame Law Students’ Society (NDLSS) and the events offered to balance out the study load with the extracurricular learning and social events
  • stay active - exercise is a proven measure to counteract stress
  • don’t procrastinate about getting help. Talk to someone earlier rather than later and work out a plan to deal with the situation.

We are here to help you but you need to be proactive about helping yourself.

All the best for a successful year. ahead!