MEDI6100 information

Welcome to the School of Medicine, Fremantle MEDI6100 information page. The purpose of this web page is to enable students commencing MEDI6100 in January 2022 to access all the information they require prior to their commencement.


Date: December 2021 - Further information to follow

Enrolment will be open in December 2021. School of Medicine staff will be present at this session. Alternatively, you can also enrol remotely on the same day. Further information and instructions to follow.


Date: Monday 24 January 2022
Time: 8:00am
Location: ND35 foyer (ND35 on the Campus map)



Please use checklist and guidelines below to complete required documents

Paper applications for Working With Children cards should be completed during enrolment or orientation sessions.

Immunisation Required

The following forms will be completed online during Orientation Week. They are provided here to allow you time to read them before Orientation Week. At this stage they are for your information only:

  1. COVID-19 Declaration MEDI6100
  2. Student Health Information
  3. Confidentiality Policy
  4. Employment during the MD program Policy
  5. Permission to release contact info and photos
  6. Permission to release information to AMA (WA)
  7. Permission to release contact information to MSOD
  8. Permission to release contact information to MSAND
  9. Student Access to On-campus Resources Policy
  10. Fitness to Practise Policy Declaration
  11. MEDI6100 Professionalism Declaration
  12. MEDI6100 Wheatbelt Medical Student Immersion Program
  13. Infectious Diseases Declaration
  14. Consent for Recording of Lectures

Documents for your Information

  1. 2022 Academic Calendar
  2. MEDI6100 Generic Timetables
  3. Problem Based Learning Manual
  4. AHPRA Student registration fact sheet and FAQ
  5. Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia
  6. Professional Declaration & Fitness to Practice Policy

Please ensure you read the School Policies and Regulations on the School Resources tab.

MSAND - The Medical Student Association of Notre Dame (MSAND) welcomes you to the School.

Recommended reading to students with a non-science degree

  1. Saladin, K.S. (2017). Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function. 8th edn. McGraw Hill Education, New York.
  2. Marieb, E.N. & Hoehn, K. (2019). Human Anatomy & Physiology. 11th edn. Pearson Education, Essex.
  3. Tortora, G.J. & Derrickson, B.H (2016). Principles of Anatomy & Physiology.  15th edn. John Wiley and Sons, Danvers.
  4. VanPutte, C., Regan, J., & Russo, A. (2017). Seeley’s Anatomy & Physiology. 11th edn. McGraw Hill Education, New York.

We recommend that students, without a background in biological sciences or who may need to refresh basic biological concepts, read the first two chapters of any of these texts (including prior editions) prior to the start of semester.

Having your own computer

It is strongly recommended that all students have a personal laptop (not tablets or iPads) with camera and microphone to attend remote tutorials, study and for exams. Please see computer requirements.

Following information is avaliable on School Resources tab

  • Immunisation requirements
  • School Policies
  • Regulations
  • Scholarships
  • Student organisations and associations

Student Support information is available at Student Support.

MEDI6100 Community Engagement Week

A key part of the MEDI6100 program is Community Engagement Week, where all first year students spend 3-4 days away from Perth in one of five Shires in the Wheatbelt, from Moora to Corrigin. That week is planned for from March 2022. Students who need to organise their plans around childcare or similar please take note. Please note attendance to this placement is compulsory to all first year students.

Any queries should be directed to Raphael Pereira - Aboriginal, Rural & Remote Health Placements Coordinator -