Welcome from the Dean

Philip Matthews, Dean of Philosophy and Theology

Professor Philip Matthews

Welcome to the School of Philosophy and Theology, Fremantle! Every School at this University is committed to our ethos and distinctive identity. In addition to teaching a wide range of philosophical and theological courses, our School is responsible for delivering the core curriculum in theology, philosophy and ethics.

Philosophy studies the most fundamental and enduring questions affecting human beings, including such questions as; what is real, what is happiness, what is good, and what does it mean to be fully human? This discipline teaches you to think creatively and critically.

Theology asks similar 'big questions' in the context of the Christian tradition. It also has its own questions, such as, what is salvation and who is Jesus Christ? Notre Dame is a Catholic university committed to exploring the nexus between faith and reason. Here we explore Catholic faith and values while at the same time we welcome everyone from all or no religious backgrounds. Our School values the presence of many voices, which helps all to plumb the depths, to ask new questions, gain new insights and rediscover ancient truths. Enjoy your time at Notre Dame. The School of Philosophy and Theology looks forward to meeting you or renewing your acquaintance.

Professor Philip Matthews