Dr Thuan Thai

PhD, GDipEd, GCRM&C, BMedSci
Acting Assistant Dean

Email: Thuan.Thai@nd.edu.au
Phone: (02) 8204 4620

  • Biography

    Dr Thuan Thai is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, University of Notre Dame Australia, where he teaches mathematics and science pedagogy in both primary and secondary education programs. Thuan has taught at universities, pre-university foundation programs and high schools. Thuan has more than 15 years of experience as an education consultant, advising on mathematics curriculum and design for private colleges, and technology implementation projects in high school and universities. Prior to becoming a teacher educator, Thuan was a heart researcher for more than 10 years, and was a Lecturer in pathology at UNSW Australia.

  • Teaching Areas

    • Mathematics education (early childhood, primary and secondary)
    • Science education
    • Educational technology
  • Research Expertise and Supervision

    Thuan leads a number of research projects to investigate the use of technology to track and assess student learning and performance. Thuan also has an on-going collaborative research relationship with the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW.

    Current projects:

    1. Online resources to improve mathematics education
    2. Program-wide implementation of ePortfolios to build and recognise graduate professional skills and identity (in collaboration with UNSW)
  • Book Chapters

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  • Journal Articles and Proceedings

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  • Conference Papers

    • Polly, P., Lutze-Mann, L., Thai, T., Gamachchige, N. W., & Maguire, D. (2015). Western blotting virtual laboratory. ISSOTL 2015 (online abstract). http://www.issotl2015.com.au/downloads/ISSOTL%202015%20Program%20Book%20WEB.PDF.
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  • Professional Affiliations

    Visiting Research Fellow at UNSW
    Member of Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia

  • Community Engagement

    Director of Consulting Education at 180 Degrees Consulting (2016)
    Mathematics teacher at South Sydney High School (2015)
    Mathematics teacher at Patrician Brothers College Fairfield (2013)
    Management consultant for Meals on Wheels Australia (2013)

  • Grants

    • $5,000 – [CI.3] MENSA Richard Johns Research Grant (2016): Exceptional learners in university studies.
    • $2,500 – [CI.1] UNDA School of Education Grant (2016): Evaluating data from the education students literacy and numeracy practice site.
    • $20,000 – [CI.3] UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant (2015): Assessment, analytics and personalised feedback for building undergraduate technical and analytical skills using virtual laboratories.
    • $25,000 – [CI.3] UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant (2014): Virtual laboratories for program-wide use in developing analytical skills for medicine and science students.
    • $25,000 – [CI.8] UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant (2014): Aligning assessment to track development of graduate capabilities, professional skills and life-long learning in the biomedical sciences.
    • $25,000 – [CI.2] UNSW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant (2014): Improving student competency in laboratory- based mathematical skills.
    • $10,000 – Commercialisation Training Scheme (2010).
    • $91,000 – Centre for Vascular Research PhD Scholarship (2009).