The Benefits of the Logos for Schools Programme

Philosophy and Ethics Units that are designed to:

  • Foster in students the capacities to think and act well.
  • Develop higher order thinking skills; including the ability to analyse, think critically, engage in reasoned argument, synthesise and evaluate. Higher order thinking skills enable students to think well in any situation and to integrate, unify and communicate their knowledge.
  • Develop skills in reasoning and communicating (grammar, logic and rhetoric), through studying some of the best and most challenging arguments in history about humanity and reality.
  • Develop knowledge to reason well about truth in religion and science, meaning in politics and history, beauty in art and literature and what it is to live well.
  • Develop university level academic skills in research, writing, and the analysis and defence of reasoned arguments, preparing students well for the HSC and university.
    • Introduce the methods of inquiry and reasoning, developed over centuries by some of the finest critical minds, to respond to the most interesting questions of human purpose, the nature of reason and argument, the elements of a good life and ethical conduct.

The Units offer:

  • Fun, friendly and supportive classes. The units are delivered in small classes by highly qualified and experienced university lectures so that high school students can enthusiastically and confidently engage with the challenging questions of philosophy and ethics. The University of Notre Dame Australia is a caring learning community and provides lots of support for students.
  • Intensive mode delivery.  The classes for a unit are attended in one week, on campus.  The units are held at the end of Term 4 and the start of the summer school holidays.

  • Lower fees than for equivalent units at the undergraduate level.
  • The opportunity to experience being a university student during the on-campus workshops. This can assist in easing the transition to university after high school.

“It was such a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed thinking more deeply about the world"

Caitlin Furber
Bachelor of Philosophy

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Apply to Logos for Schools Program

Who can apply?

Students with an interest in philosophy and ethics and studying at university level can apply to participate in the December programme in the year that they will complete Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12.  No previous study of philosophy or ethics is required.

When is the programme?

The programme is held in December each year. The units are held at the end of Term 4 and in the school holidays.