Welcome from the National Head of School

Gervace Chaney

Professor Gervase Chaney

The School of Medicine offers two independent four year post-graduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) programs in Sydney and Fremantle. In addition it offers programs in Health and Medical Sciences, Health Professional Education, Health Leadership and Bioethics, along with the Pre-Medicine Certificate and Higher Degrees by Research.

The School of Medicine’s MD programs are exciting and challenging, giving students opportunities to participate in social justice activities, discuss and debate bioethical constructs, population and preventative health and develop research skills, while ensuring a continuing emphasis on medical knowledge and clinical and communication skills. Our curricula are integrated and clinically focused – putting the patients at the centre of everything we do.

The School prioritises the values of integrity, compassion, service, teamwork and humility, as well as the personal health and wellbeing of its students.

The Schools of Medicine Fremantle and Sydney received full re-accreditation with the Australian Medical Council in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The two Schools Fremantle and Sydney were amalgamated in February 2021 to a national School of Medicine running the two MD programs. The School has an established and growing reputation for producing high quality, well rounded medical graduates ready for internship.

The School’s aim is to work with students to develop them into high quality, compassionate and patient-centred doctors.

The School has a strong and growing commitment to Aboriginal Health, with an alternative pathway for entry for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, an Aboriginal Health Team and an emphasis on Aboriginal health and culture in the curriculum, including learning on country training opportunities.  The School also has a focus on rural and remote health with a minimum of 28% enrolment of students with a rural background with significant rural training opportunities in NSW, Victoria and WA.

Our dedicated staff have a range of clinical, educational and professional backgrounds along with the skills to meet the educational needs of the curriculum. They have an absolute commitment to quality teaching and training as well as to the pastoral care of the students.

We are growing our research opportunities, contribution and outputs with a focus on interdisciplinary and high impact research with consumer involvement. We believe it is critical that all students graduate with a good foundation in health and medical research with a desire to contribute to medical knowledge, critically appraise new evidence and a passion for life-long learning.

- Professor Gervase Chaney