Logos Program - Undergraduate

Philosophy and Ethics for Undergraduate Students

What is the Logos Program?

The Logos Program is an innovative way in which the University delivers the Core Curriculum on the Sydney Campus. It is comprised of three courses (CORE1001: Logos I, CORE1002: Logos II, and CORE1003: Logos III) which aim to enrich students' education by introducing them to philosophy, ethics and theology within the Catholic liberal arts tradition.

What makes the Logos Program unique?

The Logos Program offers students more choice in relation to the topics which they study within the Core Curriculum. It does this by offering self-contained 'modules', which are 3 hour learning sessions focused on a particular topic. Each semester there will be between 40 and 50 different topics to choose from. A number of modules are repeated so there will normally be around 140 module sessions on the timetable to choose from, in Semester 1 and Semester 2.

How do you complete a Logos course?

Each Logos course consists of 8 modules, and two graded assessments (a quiz and an essay). Except for 4 compulsory modules across the Program, students choose which modules they will do. For example, in the first Logos course, Logos I, students do the compulsory module 'Think' --an introduction to some central ideas in philosopy and critical thinking—but the other 7 modules they choose from the pool of modules on offer. Likewise, in Logos II, students choose 7 electives and do one compulsory module called 'Choose' which is an introduction to some basic concepts and important theories in Western moral philosophy as well as skills in practical reasoning and decision making. In the final Logos course, Logos III, students to do 6 electives and 2 compulsory modules, 'Live' and 'Learn', which introduce some key concepts in theology and in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

How does the Logos Program affect your degree?

To find out when the Logos courses are to be completed within your course structure, contact the course coordinator in your School.

Where can I get more information?

The Logos team can be contacted at the School of Philosophy and Theology Office (for administrative matters) and in the Logos Room (NDS17, Level 1, 22 City Rd) during teaching periods (for academic matters). You can also send an email to logos@nd.edu.au

Students who have enrolled in Logos courses will be given access to Logos course course sites on BlackBoard one week before modules begin. Blackboard is the University's Learning Management System. It is accessible via the main University web page (click on the 'Web Portals' tab ). At the beginning of each semester, students enrolled in Logos courses will also receive an email containing the course outline and instructions on how to sign up for modules online.