5 exam survival tips to help you ace Year 12

Very few people who have had to study for exams would describe the process as easy. Exams are supposed to be challenging, but it is entirely within your ability to go in and ace them. Chances are, you have already scoured the corners of the internet for the best study tricks. Sure, getting a good night’s sleep, staying active and managing your time effectively is great – but it’s advice you’ve heard on repeat for years.Here are some practical ways you can enjoy preparing for your exams…

1. Apply for an Early Offer

Notre Dame University’s Early Offer program is your opportunity to secure a place at uni before you even sit your HSC exams. The program is now open to all Year 12 students and applications close on the 31st of July. Applying for an Early Offer can make all the difference come exam time. “The Early Offer Program saved me from a whole lot of stress and worry,” says Education student, Sophie. “I was able to just focus on my studies and do the best that I could.” Business student Heath also gained entry to the University through the Early Offer program. “Notre Dame’s Early Offer program really took the pressure off me because knew I had a place at uni without having to stress throughout the HSC,” he said.

You too can secure a place at Notre Dame University and sit your exams with the added confidence of knowing you have received your offer. Apply now.

2. Reward and motivate yourself

Beat procrastination by putting in place some incentives to achieve your study goals. Experiment with the things that motivate you. Students often reward themselves with a tasty snack or an episode of their favourite TV show after they have finished reading a chapter, completed a series of questions, or memorised a number of terms. If you like to listen to music while you study, try saving your favourite songs for only after you have completed a set task. Others might use a little retail therapy as motivation; promising themselves a new book, some clothing or piece of tech for reaching a goal.

3. Change of scene

When it’s a beautiful day outside, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting at a desk staring at a blank wall. Bundle up your notes and find a sunny spot out in the garden, at a park or your favourite local spot. If you really need to be at your desk to concentrate, spend some time freshening up your study space to make it look inspiring and comfortable.

4. Get out of those PJs

You might not have to be at school by 8:30am every morning but don’t throw out your alarm clock just yet. It’s a whole lot easier to stay focused and productive when you are following a structured study timetable. You might even decide to follow your school timetable, revising each subject during the period you would normally have been in that class. Plus, it’s a good idea to stick to scheduled breaks to stop yourself from reaching for the phone whenever you find your attention drifting. Lastly, resist the urge to spend the whole day in your pyjamas, no matter how comfy they may be. Strange as it may seem, getting dressed for the day really does help you get in the right mindset to study.

5.  Just do it

The longer you sit procrastinating, the harder it gets to actually open the books and work. It’s almost impossible to get out of bed, put down the phone or turn off the TV when your mind is thinking about the hours of study ahead of you. So why not simply set yourself an easier task to start with? Instead of sitting down to complete a three-hour practice paper, set yourself the goal of finishing the first three questions. Instead of staring down the mountainous pile of history notes you’ve complied over the entire year, focus on just one key figure, event, or idea in the course. Once you’ve managed to tick off a small goal, it will be easier to keep going.

There’s our favourite study tips! Good luck in your Year 12 exams, and don’t forgot that applications to Notre Dame University’s Early Offer program are still open! Apply now for the opportunity to obtain an offer to study with us before you even sit your exams!

For more information on the Early Offer program and how to apply, contact our Prospective Students Office on 02 8204 4404 or email Sydney@nd.edu.au.