How an Early Offer reduces HSC stress

Despite all the challenges 2020 has brought, your entry into university doesn’t have to be stressful. Notre Dame’s 2021 Early Offer program is the ideal pathway to university, providing Year 12 students with the opportunity to receive an offer to study at the University of Notre Dame, before they even sit their HSC exams.

We sat down with Early Offer students, Heath, Sophie and Jose, to find out why they chose the program, how it helped them succeed during HSC and their top Early Offer application tips.

Sophie was a Year 12 student in 2019 and knew she wanted to become a teacher. She applied through the Early Offer program and is now completing a Bachelor of Primary Education. When it came to the HSC, Sophie says that the Early Offer program saved her from unnecessary worry and stress. “I was able to just focus on my studies and do the best that I could,” she says.

Notre Dame University’s Early Offer program is now open to all Year 12 students. Applications close on the 31st of July so get in quick and submit your application today.

Business student Heath also gained entry to Notre Dame University through the Early Offer program. “Notre Dame’s Early Offer program really took the pressure off me. It helped knowing I had a place at uni without having to stress throughout the HSC,” he said. “You’ve got nothing to lose by applying, it doesn’t take much, but you can gain so much in return.”

Applying for the Early Offer program is simple, it takes just 3 steps: prepare your supporting documents, tell us about yourself and complete the online form. “The process was easy and it removed a lot of HSC stress. I still remember how happy I felt when I was accepted,” says Law student Jose.

When it comes to applying, Heath’s advice is to “flaunt your achievements and everything that you’ve accomplished! Whether it be your leadership skills, volunteering or community service – put it in!” His biggest tip however is to “make sure you proofread your application before submitting to make sure it’s your best work.”

And Sophie’s best application tip? “Don’t be afraid to brag! It’s hard talking about yourself but now is not the time to be humble, show off!”

Notre Dame’s Early Offer program is now open to all Year 12 students. Applications close on the 31st of July. Apply now!

For more information on the Early Offer program and how to apply, contact our Prospective Students Office on 02 8204 4404 or email