Looking for an amazing university experience? We’ve found it.

With thousands of universities and colleges across the globe, it’s never been easier to pursue higher education; you can even earn your degree in the comfort of your own home. Notre Dame has been named the #1 university in Australia for Overall Satisfaction (qilt.edu.au), but the true charm of the University can’t be expressed through statistics alone. Here’s why a Notre Dame education is an experience you will never forget.

Campus with charisma

Wake up every morning excited to study in the heart of Fremantle’s West End, a hub of good music, good food and great people! Get lost exploring the historical streets and buildings frequented by Australia’s convicts and colonists of old as you study in the country’s only town-style university. Plus, with the beach within walking distance of the campus, there really is no other university like Notre Dame in Australia.

Little and lovin’ it

It’s easy to get lost in a crowded lecture theatre packed to the rafters with people whose names and faces you wouldn’t recognise outside of campus. With a smaller cohort and class numbers that often stay in the double digits, Notre Dame allows you to make close connections with fellow students and lecturers alike. This makes a huge difference to your educational experience overall, as teachers are able to take an interest in your individual needs.

Real world experience

“Volunteering with a criminal barrister resulted in my obtaining a full time paid role with the barrister and then my first job as a lawyer. It was not only the experience I obtained but also the connections I made during my time volunteering. Even if it is only for one day a week, I would recommend pursuing some voluntary work experience early in your law degree,” says Law graduate, Joshua. Industry experience is often a highlight for many students and will allow you to graduate with plenty of work experience, contacts and references to include in your CV!

Exciting student sphere

The Notre Dame community lives up to the easy-going, fun-loving character of Fremantle and you can be sure to develop a close network of friends during your degree. School-specific clubs and organisations are a great way to meet likeminded people and engage in industry-related activities. Plus, the campus is always bustling with club events, fundraisers, food trucks, and more so be on the lookout for a cheap feed!

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