Tips for surviving Year 12

We know that Year 12 can be a time of stress and uncertainty… but fear not. We’ve got you covered with our survival tips on how you can beat procrastination and remove doubt to make the most of your final months of high school.

1. Study smarter, not harder

Studying for exams is a lot about strategy – especially when you’re balancing everything Year 12 throws at you. Reading your textbook or colour coding your exam notes for hours on end might ease your conscience – but is it really the most effective way to study? Try to make concise summaries of your notes or flashcards and break your tasks into smaller, manageable chunks.

2. Switch off your socials

It’s super easy to fall down a Tik-Tok rabbit hole and lose your most productive hours to mindless scrolling. There’s no need to delete all your socials (hopefully…) but switching your phone off for a couple of hours is a great way to eliminate the constant distraction caused by your phone.

3. Apply for an Early Offer

We know that WACE exams aren’t the only stressful part of Year 12 – it’s also the time to make some important career decisions. That’s why Notre Dame’s Early Offer program exists so you can secure your unconditional place at uni before you even sit the Year 12 exams. Biomedical Science / Commerce student Matt said an Early Offer meant he went into exams with a “much less stressful” mindset. “Being able to complete the application by the end of July is also significant, as it is one less thing to complete as your Year 12 journey comes to an extremely hectic conclusion.”

4. It’s not a DJ set

If you’re the kind of student that can’t study without music, be sure to set up your study playlist BEFORE you get into your study session. Take a few minutes to add some new bangers to your playlist each week so your study sessions aren’t constantly interrupted with queuing songs.

5. Stick to a schedule

For Health Promotion student Tamsyn – who secured her Early Offer before she even sat her WACE exams – sticking to a schedule was critical for her success in Year 12. “I know we all get told this one all the time and chances are we never actually follow through with out schedule,” Tamsyn says. “By creating a schedule, you avoid those last-minute cramming study sessions that we are all far too guilty of!”

6. Enjoy it

Tamsyn says whilst it’s important to study, it’s also important to make time to enjoy your final months of high school and the friendships you make in Year 12. “At the end of the day, you have been practicing for these final exams for nearly two years now… chances are you are far more prepared than you could possibly imagine.”

Stress less with an Early Offer from Notre Dame – apply online by 30 June to study in Semester 1 2021.