Who to follow to cure your iso blues

16 April 2020

Recently all Australians have been doing their part to help #flattenthecurve by social distancing and self-isolating at home. Let’s be honest though, it’s not always easy. If you are getting close to polishing off your Netflix watch list and not sure where to turn next to keep yourself entertained, look no further. Here’s a list of our favourite social media accounts for iso content to help cure your boredom and blues…

If you love everything animals, check out Melbourne Zoo (@melbournezoo). They are currently live streaming all of their enclosures via their YouTube channel so you can see what animals get up to at all times of the day. Be warned, it's addictive!

If you consider yourself a foodie or are thinking about learning a new skill while self-isolating, check out Claire Saffitz’s (@csaffitz) Instagram story highlights where she is uploading some interesting cooking tutorials. Challenge yourself and learn to cook something new with this forced downtime. Her feed is also filled with some great #homecookinspo.

For our arts students, check out what is happening over on the Sydney Opera House’s online channels. They have created a full digital season, streaming pre-recorded concerts, talks, panel discussions and performance events from their archives. Informative entertainment? Yes please. @sydneyoperahouse

If you’re looking to mix your home workout with relaxation, head over to Adriene Mishler’s channels. She makes some of the best yoga videos out there and has something for everyone – from beginners to advanced yogis.  You can find her at @adrienelouise on Instagram and @yogawithadriene on YouTube.

Stuck at home without a furry friend and feeling lonely? Or maybe you just need some cute pet pics to brighten up your day. Either way, follow @dogsworkingfromhome on Instagram. Let’s be honest, dogs sitting at desks is peak content.

Go and follow @WFHfits for the best iso fashion inspo… kind of. This page is a great way to have a laugh and feel less secretly ashamed about all of the crazy looks we have been sporting at home. And why not submit your best work from home outfit!

We hope this list helps cure any iso blues you may be experiencing, if you have any suggestions on who we should follow, share them with us @notredamesyd and @notredameaustralia.

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