From the Vice Chancellor

Dear Friends

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a unique Australian university. Established as a university by an Act of Parliament in 1989 and as a Catholic university by a Canonical Statute in 1991, we embrace both the modern Australian university tradition and the ancient and esteemed traditions of Catholic universities in Europe, North America and Asia.

As an ‘Australian’ university, with campuses in Fremantle, Sydney and Broome, Notre Dame meets stringent quality and reporting standards set down by Government. Our professional degrees such as accountancy, education, law, medicine, nursing and physiotherapy are assessed and approved by independent accreditation bodies.

As a ‘Catholic’ university, we embrace and follow the Church’s teachings on the nature of Catholic universities, significantly Ex Corde Ecclesiae. We believe that the purpose of education is not simply to transmit information or create knowledge; we strive to teach and educate in an environment that encourages students to seek the truth, to seek understanding and to serve and live in a way that fulfils everyone’s higher purposes. Our Core Curriculum comprising Ethics, Philosophy and Theology is one way in which we seek to provide a framework which will broaden our students’ minds and lives.

Our activities are based on the Christian belief that each individual deserves respect, support and love. From our personalised admissions process, through to the academic and extra-curricular activities available, every student is valued and respected as an individual member of the community.

As a contemporary Australian Catholic university, we have established strengths in Health and Education and have assumed a special role in education of and service to the Indigenous people of Australia. All of our degrees are designed to encourage our students to develop theoretical, analytical and practical skills, as well as life skills, with an understanding of sound ethics and decision making.

These and other features of Notre Dame make it unique.

By giving to Notre Dame, you will help us to continue to provide an educational experience that helps our students to realise their potential and develop an understanding of their humanity and their role in the world.

Yours sincerely

Professor Celia Hammond
Vice Chancellor

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