Charitable bequests

Create your legacy with a lasting gift

Planned gifts have had a tremendous impact on Notre Dame.

Benefactors can make an invaluable and enduring difference when they share the vision of the University to improve the quality of Catholic higher education for future generations.

Making a planned gift to The University of Notre Dame Australia provides a sense of security in knowing that you are creating a legacy that will live on for generations. Bequests are usually allocated to the Endowment Funds to ensure the permanence of your gift. Your original gift stays intact and only the annual income is used.

To make a bequest, benefactors can specify a specific dollar amount, a percentage of their estate, or the remainder of their estate once expenses and gifts to family and loved ones have been distributed. Bequests can include cash, securities, real estate, or other items of value.

Support what is most important to you

Your gift to Notre Dame may be unrestricted or designated. An unrestricted gift allows the University to choose how your gift will be used. A designated gift enables you to choose how your bequest will be allocated.

If you wish to bequeath a designated gift, it is important that you discuss your gift with the University as it is important that the University has the ability to meet your wishes.

Making a new will, or changing a current will to include The University of Notre Dame Australia, should be done with the assistance of a solicitor to ensure the wording is appropriate and reflects your intentions. It is also advisable to review your will at regular intervals as circumstances change.

  • Suggested wording for leaving a gift in your will is as follows

    Outright Bequest

    • Gift of Money

    I give $(amount) to The University of Notre Dame Australia.

    • Gift of Personal/Household Effects

    I give to The University of Notre Dame Australia my (list of personal effects and / or list of personal effects)

    • Gift of Real Property

    I give to The University of Notre Dame Australia my (type of: home, investment property, holiday home) property (address of property) or any interest I have in it at my death.

    Contingent Bequest

    I give (description of property or gift) to (names of primary beneficiaries) absolutely but if (all primary beneficiaries) predecease me, then to The University of Notre Dame Australia.

    Residual Bequest

    I give all the rest of my real and personal estate whatsoever and wherever situated, after payment of my debts and funeral expenses, to The University of Notre Dame Australia.

    The University appreciates the generosity and vision of its benefactors who bequeath a gift through a provision in their will.

    If you have any questions about your bequest, please contact us.