Futures Scholarship Fund

Open doors to new experiences and life-changing possibilities

Scholarships play a vital role in enabling talented students to study, regardless of their financial situation. Importantly they also promote a more diverse community, leading to greater learning opportunities for every student.

The reality of life for approximately two thirds of Notre Dame's students is that they must work part-time to afford the cost of their education as well as the cost of living.

Your donation to the Futures Scholarship Fund will help provide access to a Notre Dame education for talented students who may be experiencing financial hardship, and support the academic achievements of our students through scholarships and awards.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Each year, endowment assets are invested and the earnings are used to support students through scholarships and prizes.Some endowment funds have a very specific purpose, such as funding a scholarship for an undergraduate student. Others may support general areas of need identified by the University as most critical.By establishing an endowment fund, you can create a permanent legacy of support. Naming opportunities are available for Endowed Scholarships.

Term Scholarships

Term Scholarships can be established for a set amount and time. For example, you may wish to create a scholarship which offers $5,000 over three years.These scholarships can provide financial support to students. You can also further designate a specific School, major, geographic region - the possibilities are endless.Naming opportunities are also available for Term Scholarships and can be renewed after the three year period.

Contact us

For any queries related to Fremantle and Broome scholarships, contact:

Stefania Demurtas, Scholarship Program Manager by phone on (08) 9433 0692 or via email at scholarships@nd.edu.au

For any queries related to Sydney scholarships, contact:

Joshua Kim, Development Manager by phone (02) 8204 4652 or via email at sydney.development@nd.edu.au