Celebrating Academic Achievement

Many of our alumni, industry partners and friends of the University support and encourage high-achieving students at Notre Dame by making gifts that fund our prize giving program.

Awarded for academic merit and service, prize recipients are provided information about their prize and the donor.

You can select the School you would like your annual prize to support - we fully manage the administration process, including the selection of the recipient.

A prize is a donation of no less than $500, ideally for a period of 3 to 5 years; the following structure provides a suggestion on how to allocate your prize.

  • A prize of $500 awarded for achievement in an individual course
  • A prize of $1,000 awarded for achievement in a particular program and year of study
  • A prize of $1,000 or more awarded to a graduating student for overall achievement in a particular program

Our thanks and recognition to you

As a prize donor, we will thank and recognise your support by naming the prize after you, in memory or recognition of a loved one, or after your organisation or business.

You will also be invited to the School’s annual awards ceremony with the opportunity to present the award to the recipient.

Management of Prizes

When a donor commits to funding a prize at Notre Dame, we look forward to:

  • Ensuring that the prize complements the academic program
  • Administering the selection process for the prize, and forwarding funds to the student
  • Inviting you to the awards ceremony where the prize is presented

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