Marketing & PR graduate helping small businesses thrive

Marketing & Public Relations graduate Isabella, 22, has established herself as a successful Relationship Manager for a company assisting smaller businesses in marketing themselves to potential investors. “I help my clients worldwide to get set up, prepared and ready to market themselves though our platform and present at our events,” says Isabella.

Isabella completed four internships during and after uni which assisted her in landing her first marketing job and her current job. “I then did marketing work for a financial technology start-up that worked with my current company, Wholesale Investor, who then offered me a job,” she says.

Speaking of her current role, Isabella says,

This job has provided me with lots of opportunities, including meeting new people who have great ideas, learning new skills, flexibility in my role, work travel (I just got back from a trip to Singapore and Hong Kong) and rewards for doing a good job.

Isabella has just been promoted to project management and looks forward to assisting in her company’s growth and continuing to offer help and guidance to her clients.

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