Meet Leila

Learning and service inspired Leila to study Medicine at Notre Dame. “I’m passionate about Medicine because Medicine is a joy for me, it’s the joy of learning and it’s a lifelong challenge,” she says.

I’m passionate about helping vulnerable members of our society. Particularly among those, I’d like to be in a position to advocate for the health of women and children.

While studying, Leila has had to deal with financial difficulties. To assist students like her, and in line with Notre Dame’s commitment to personal and pastoral care, the School of Medicine in Fremantle has established the Medical Students’ Assistance Fund (MSAF). This fund will provide financial assistance to students who are in crisis or are experiencing financial hardship.

Leila has benefitted from similar support in the past and recognises the value of the MSAF.

“The importance of the MSAF is clear to me, similar financial support has made a significant difference in my life,” says Leila. “It has allowed me to focus more on my personal health, both physically and mentally, so that I could thrive despite unforeseen challenges.”

Hardships can hamper anyone’s study, Leila explains. “Sometimes there’s a fine line between a student succeeding and becoming a valuable member of the healthcare system in the future, or feeling left behind.”

The MSAF provides support for students who face unexpected financial difficulties to ensure this does not happen.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your donation and let you know that your contribution has already made such a significant difference in my life, and I hope that other students will be able to have this opportunity to be supported too.”

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