Printer Upgrade project

From January 2020 ITO is replacing all existing printers across our campuses and Clinical Schools.  You can find information on deployment dates for student spaces, training guides and printer policies on this page.

Project Timeline

Project timeline completion……70%

Deployment to student areas
Student areas will have new printers installed in the first phase of deployment; this includes libraries, common areas, residences and association/club offices. Deployment for these devices is scheduled for the last week of January 2020. Technicians from Konica Minolta will be engaged with the removal of old hardware, set-up of new devices in designated areas and the installation of the YSoft SafeQ print management software.
Estimated date for completion: Semester 1 2020

Deployment Activities

Installation of YSoft SafeQ
Safecom is being removed in stages while our University transitions to YSoft SafeQ on all new print devices. Staff and students can continue using their ID cards to access the new printers from Konica Minolta. HP printers will remain available in student areas while new devices are installed in libraries to ensure YSoft SafeQ is functioning correctly. Information will be sent to student email about sign in options, top-up and increased security functions on Konica Minolta printers.

Online training materials are available on our new Print Training page.

Post-implementation support
Once the installation is complete, the support team are available to assist in resolving any incidents. Students are encouraged to contact the Service Desk for any queries on the contact details below.

Deployment Dates

Below are the planned deployment dates for student areas.

Student Deployment
Semester 1CampusBuildingLocationNo. of Devices
Orientation Week Fremantle ND13-100 Craven Law Library 2
Orientation Week Fremantle ND17-100 St Teresa’s Library 4
Orientation Week Fremantle ND3-200 Prindiville Hall 1
Orientation Week Fremantle ND35-223 Galvin Medical Library 2
Week 1 Sydney NDS11-200 Benedict’s XVI Library 4
Week 1 Sydney NDS2-101 St Benedict’s Lecture Rooms 1
Week 1 Sydney NDS5-305 The NDA Store 1
Week 1 Sydney NDS6-100 Canavan Hall Library 5  
Week 5-6BroomeNDB8Broome Library2


  • Why is the project being delivered in stages?

    The printer upgrade is delivered in stages to minimise disruption to academic and business cycles. ITO aims to complete all staff and student printer upgrades by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

  • What notification will be given?

    Please review Planned Deployment Dates above for an estimated date and time for student spaces.

  • Will the printers be deployed to new locations?

    A comprehensive audit was completed across our University to determine the usage requirements for staff and student spaces. Not all HP devices are to be replaced by a Konica Minolta printer. With faster, smarter and more reliable devices deployed to staff and student spaces, the number of available devices are reduced while still meeting the future needs of users.

    Current locations of main area printers remain the same in student spaces.

  • What is YSoft SafeQ?

    YSoft SafeQ will replace Safecom as our print management application. YSoft SafeQ enforces secure access, and applies print, scan and copy governance across all managed multi-function devices. Find more information on YSoft SafeQ at Think Print.

  • When should I contact IT?

    Please contact with any questions not answered in our FAQs and Managed Services support page.

    Please contact your IT Service Desk for the following requests:

    • I can't print using my ID card
    • Our printer is not turning on after initial set-up
    • There is an error on the printer touch panel (please note error message in request)
    • My balance is incorrect in Think Print

    If you have any questions, please contact your IT SES Service Desk. We would love to answer any questions.

  • What happens to my ID Card?

    Staff and Student ID cards seamlessly integrate with our new print management software YSoft SafeQ. You may continue using your card for access to campus buildings, offices and printers.

  • Who is replacing our printers?

    Konica Minolta technicians will deliver and install new BizHub C458 and BizHub C3350i model printers and remove current HP devices and supplies from all student areas, campus wide.

  • What is Think Print Admin? What is Think Print?

    Although both portals look similar they provide very different services for printing.

    • Think Print Admin
      Access the admin portal to activate your account. All new and re-printed University ID cards may require re-activation before access to printer services is granted or restored.
    • Think Print
      Everything related to student printing can be found under your Think Print portal. Check what jobs are waiting in your print queue, upload a new job, check your current balance, recharge print credit and redeem vouchers. Think Print allows your to recharge using our secure payment system through the Think Print portal.
  • Can I still email a print job?

    Yes, you can print from a personal device to the secure print queue and collect your job from any student printer on campus.

    Email for Fremantle and Broome printers or for Sydney printers. A confirmation email is sent to your inbox when the document is available in the SafeQ print queue.

  • Is my balance the same?

    Credit from your Safecom account will transfer to SafeQ and show under your Think Print portal. Current balance is found in to top right corner of the dashboard screen.

    Please contact your IT Service Desk if your balance is incorrect.

  • How do I print from a University machine?

    1. Save your document to OneDrive or your portable device
    2. Select print from the File menu
    3. Check your printer is showing as "Secure Print"
    4. Click Print 
    5. Tap your card against the SafeQ reader on a student printer
    7. Select SafeQ Print from the menu  
    8. Select Waiting 
    9. Select your print job 
    10. Press Print

Contact us

If you have any questions about printer setup and use, training, troubleshooting, service partners, service level agreements, ordering or repairs before and after the deployment, please contact your IT Service Desk. We would love to answer any questions.


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