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MyUNDA is free to download from your app store and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

MyUNDA – Your go-to uni app

Introducing myUNDA – your essential guide to Notre Dame, all in one place.

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Stay connected to all things Notre Dame with myUNDA; our brand new official mobile app.
Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or just visiting the University, our app is your must-have
companion, with all of our services, resources, updates, news and events together in one place.

Download MyUNDA app
MyUNDA is free to download from your app store and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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  • How do I download the app?

    The free app, found under myUNDA from your app store; is available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • How do I switch between personas?

    You can easily switch between different locations and personas by going to the head and shoulders menu in your app's top navigation on your home screen. From here you will see your current location/persona settings. Click either to switch your location and persona.

  • Will there be more releases?

    Yes, this is not a one and done launch of our mobile app. New personas and features will continue to be added to meet the growing needs of staff and students.

    Send us feedback using the app to let us know what features you would use in the app.

    Proposed features are listed below. These features are under test and review and may become available in future releases.

    • Student clubs and association information
    • Sports and eSports
    • Campus Tour
    • Discounts
    • Volunteering
    • Timetable access
    • Disability services
    • Apply for leave (PeopleSoft)
    • Calendar access
    • Parking availability*
    • Campus Tour
    • Timetable access
    • Disability services
    • Alumni Magazine
    • Update details
    • Volunteering
    • Library membership
    • Discounts
    • Events
    • Further study
    • Giving @ND
    • Networks and groups
    • Campus Tour
    • Future students information

    *Some functions are only available on certain campuses.

  • How do I use the app?

    1. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store
    2. Select your alerts and notification settings
    3. Select your current location when prompted
    4. Use the head and shoulders icon to select your persona (staff, student or guest)
    5. Subscribe to message channels, check events, library services and more from the modules on the home screen
  • How do I submit app feedback?

    Please do, we would love to hear from you. Select 'Feedback' from the app side menu and submit your feedback.

  • Where can I find out more about the app?

    Right here. Our announcement page is regularly updated to keep you informed on what's new with our ND App. Check out what features and personas will be included in each phase, module updates, submit feedback and view technical updates.

  • What are push notifications? And why should I allow them?

    We will occasionally send messages to users of myUNDA about updates or new features. We will also send messages to users via push notification for maintenance/system outages or campus emergencies.

  • Does myUNDA collect any personal information from my device?

    No personal or private information is collected from your account or device while using the app on your personal device. Access to send notifications and access location settings prompt when required.

  • Why do I need to select a location?

    All features and screens are created with a national approach. However, information related to public transport, social media and on-campus facilities have been made campus-specific. This makes it easier to receive information to help you get around campus.

    Outages and emergency notifications are sent to the campus where the event has occurred, so it is important to change your location when visiting different campuses.

    Select the GPS options if you are a frequent traveller. myUNDA automatically uses your current location and changes the campus when you travel.

myUNDA help

If you have any questions or are experiencing any technical issues in the app, please contact your IT Service Desk.

Fremantle 08 9433 0999 / 8am-5pm AWST

Broome 08 9192 0632 / 8am-4:30pm AWST

Sydney 02 8204 4444 / 8am-5pm AEST

Send a request to IT@ND for technical, audio visual and project support at