The ultimate password protection

Locked out? Forgot your password at the worst possible time? Take control of your account with PortalGuard. Our new password tool keeps your account secure and always accessible when you're on campus, working from home or overseas.

We aim to meet changing needs and give users a better experience when it comes to password changes or unexpected lockout.

Features for you

Multi-factor authentication is here!
Multiple-factor authentication gives your account an extra layer of security. Use your University login teamed with a One Time Password (OTP) sent to your phone to unlock, reset or change your password. Even if someone knows your credentials, they won't be able to access your account without the OTP.

Expiry notifications
Know when your password is about to expire or has expired with a notification from PortalGuard. Change your expired password using PortalGuard from a University computer or the online portal. You will no longer need to call or submit a request to IT if your password expires to regain access to your account.

Desktop self-service - Coming June 2020
This feature can be used to unlock your account or reset your password directly from any University computer. Use the new “Forgot my Password” option at the login screen of a University computer to launch PortalGuard. Enter the OTP to access your account and set a new password.

Project Timeline

Project timeline completion……75%

Current stage: Deployed to Staff computers
PortalGuard services has been deployed to all staff and lecture venue computers.

Next stage: Deployment to Student accounts
Online services will be deployed to all student accounts. Desktop clients are not included in this stage of the rollout.

Estimated completion: March 2020

Upgrade Activities

This work includes installing multi-factor authentication, account self-service and password expiration to all student accounts. Our IT Office will undertake this work outside of business hours.

Post-implementation support
Once the installation is complete the support team will be available to provide assistance to resolve any incidents. Students are encouraged to contact the Service Desk for any queries on the contact details below.

Deployment Milestones

Below are the planned deployment milestones by sites.

Multi-Factor Authentication All Campuses January 2020 March 2020
Account Self Service All Campuses January 2020 March 2020
Account Activation All Campuses June 2020 June 2020
Password Expiration All Campuses January 2020 March 2020
Desktop Self-Service All Campuses January 2020 June 2020

Remember to update your mobile number in PeopleSoft to before using PortalGuard online services. If you change your contact details after initial set up, please update them in PeopleSoft before continuing to use PortalGuard.

Access PortalGuard

Access the online portal to reset or change your password or unlock your account.

Quick options include:

  • Change Password: Change your password before or after it has expired.
  • Unlock Account: Restore access if your account is locked out.
  • Forgot Password: Use to reset your password.

PortalGuard Online

How-to guides

Check out our helpful guides below.


  • Why is the project being delivered in stages?

    We aim to minimise disruption and respect academic and business cycles, to do so the upgrade is delivered in stages. ITO aims to complete all staff and student computers by June 2020.

  • What notification will be given?

    Please review Planned Deployment Dates above for an estimated date and time for your campus.

  • Why do we have to get PortalGuard?

    With the increase in data breaches these days, security has become a top priority, and this password tool will improve our security standing to deliver functionality such as:

    • Centralised self-service allowing to change and reset passwords, unlock accounts and manage authentication factors
    • Flexible multi-factor authentication
    • New staff and student account activation and password setup
    • Seamlessly embedded into Windows and web applications login screens
    • Help Desk console to assist with servicing walk-in and phone requests
    • Administrator dashboard giving access to reporting and audit trails
  • Will the login screen look different? (Staff Only)

    Look for “PortalGuard Account Unlock & Password Reset” on your login screen during the month of January to know your computers is ready to GO!
    No other features of the login screen will be changed.

  • The most important question! How do I use PortalGuard?

    Glad you asked. Check out our helpful guides below.

  • How do I change my contact number?

    PortalGuard uses your mobile number from PeopleSoft Self Service. Update your mobile number in PeopleSoft to continue using PortalGuard if you change your contact details.

Contact us

If you have any questions about PortalGuard before and after the upgrade, please contact your IT Service Desk. We would love to hear from you:


08 9433 0999
8am – 5pm AWST



02 8204 4444
8am – 5pm AEST



08 9192 0632
8am – 4:30pm AWST