Set up a secure Zoom Meeting

Zoom has taken our Notre Dame community into a connected online world. Users can hold virtual meetings, video conferences, screen share and chat on campus or from the comfort of their home.

Keep your meetings private by following these secure practices when using Zoom.

Single Sign-On authentication method allows University staff and students to access meeting links with an embedded password in the meeting link. Set up SSO for Zoom

Passwords are key
Set a password on all meetings big or small to keep unwanted participants from making an appearance on your call. Keep your meeting ID for one on one chats and use Zoom generated random IDs for meetings bigger than two people. ITO recommend enabling and disabling the following options under your settings,

  • Enable: Require a password when scheduling new meetings
  • Disable: Embed password in meeting link for one-click join

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Don’t make it public
You have set a password – great now how to share it? Do not share meeting IDs or links on our University website or any public forums. Send the password link in an email to outside users once they are approved to join the meeting. Set up a registration email for all events to approve participants.
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Keep up to date
Just like your antivirus, it is essential to update your Zoom client on all installed devices. Stay up-to-date on all features and fixes by clicking Check Update… when you open Zoom.
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What’s around you
Beware of your surroundings when joining or hosting a Zoom meeting or call. Use a virtual background (on compatible devices) to hide what’s behind you. We encourage all staff to use a Notre Dame virtual background for your next meeting.
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Does this look phishy?
Avoid a phishing attack by clicking on meeting IDs from Notre Dame or known contacts only. If you are unsure that a link can be trusted, copy and paste the ID into your Zoom client to test. If a Zoom link redirects you to a webpage or unknown meeting, please reset your password and contact IT.
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Contact the Host
If a meeting link looks suspicious or you are unsure if it is legitimate, contact the host of the meeting to confirm. This is important to do if you use a meeting ID or password from a public website.

Please Wait
Create a waiting room to keep participants from joining a meeting without approval. Move participants to and from the waiting room when you are ready to start the meeting or if an unknown participant enters the meeting.
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Lock out
Lock a meeting to keep unwanted participants from joining. Select this option from the Security list once all your attendees are present.
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No need to annotate
The host can enable or disable annotation when screen sharing in a meeting. Disable this feature if an annotation is not required in a meeting.
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Please leave
Disable “Allow removed participants to re-join” to keep unwanted participants out of a meeting. Once removed a participant cannot re-join.
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You don’t have to share
Set host only screen sharing by removing screen share under the security options of your meeting. This option prevents participants from sharing their screen or yours.
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Enable or disable the chat function in meetings to keep your conversations private. All conversations under the chat function are recorded and stored in the transmission log of recorded meetings. Chats outside of recorded meetings are not logged.
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What’s your name
Prevent participants from renaming their profile during meetings. Disabling names changes prevent expelled or unwanted guests from re-joining a meeting under a different name or profile.
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Chime in
Set an exit and entry chime on meeting participants to manage who is on the call. Ask new participants to introduce themselves if you are unsure who is joining. Use the gallery view to see all participants in a meeting.
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Change your view
Use the gallery view to see up to 49 participants in one window. Got more than 49 people- no problem, use the arrows to scroll through all participants. Keep track of who is speaking, joining or leaving a meeting.
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Press mute
Mute one or all participants in a meeting to minimise distractions and audio feedback.
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Thanks for registering
Set registration on meetings; ask attendees to register with their email, name or custom question. Generate a registration report to see who is attending and remove any unknown participants. Set manual approval to send meeting information to approved participants only.
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Need help?

If you have any questions about Zoom or how to set up a secure meeting, please contact your IT Service Desk.


08 9433 0999
8am – 5pm AWST


02 8204 4444
8am – 5pm AEST


08 9192 0632
8am – 4:30pm AWST
Send a request to IT@ND for technical, audio visual and project support at