Remote Access

The University has a range of remote access tools available to enhance the online learning and teaching experience for students. Keep working with flexibility off-campus with access to Zoom, Office applications and online portals allowing you to learn anywhere anytime.

Your tools

Remote access tools are available under Your Tools on the Students page. They are also accessible through MyND portal.

  • Blackboard
  • Student Centre
  • OneDrive
  • Prudentia
  • PortalGuard
  • Allocate+
  • Sonia
  • IRMA

Access myND portal Access Blackboard Access Students page


Zoom conferencing is used across all campuses to meet the requirements for external communication and collaboration with other universities and companies. Zoom is available in specialised meetings rooms on your campus for group presentations or from your personal computer or mobile device for individual use.

Install Zoom Create Zoom Account Join Meeting Schedule a Meeting

Office for Students

A suite of office productivity applications that includes Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. Students are able to access the latest version of Microsoft Office at home for university-related purposes as part of the University's Microsoft Agreement. Office install must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement.

Install Office Office Online

Network Storage

Select a storage solution to suit various workplace scenarios. Each designed to satisfy various workflows and tasks during your day to day.

  • Shared Drives

    Student files and folders are stored on a central storage system known as shared drives. These shared drives are available on all computers on campus and via remote access using the File Server.

    Shared drives available to students are:

    • H:\ Drive Home drive linked to an individual student account. (Cannot be seen by other students)
    • S:\ Drive Student drive to share files and folders with students.
    • Helpful guide

      How to access shared drives

  • File Server

    The File Server allows students to access their data off-campus on their personal device. All shared drives are accessible with the same folder structure found on the shared drives on campus computers. The File Server is accessible at and also via the MyNDPortal on the Notre Dame website.

    Helpful guide

  • OneDrive

    OneDrive is the personal file storage available with Microsoft 365. OneDrive is useful for saving personal study-related files, initial document drafts, and files online.