Study skills online

These resources should make studying online easier and help you make the most of your time.

Academic Study Skills

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Self-Paced Online Learning

Our academic learning resources will help you with reading strategies, the writing process, making a presentation, preparing for an exam and managing your time.

Academic integrity
Learn how to find and reference information sources, avoid plagiarism and use Turnitin.

Learn to create accurate references for the information sources that you are using.

Academic writing
Learn to use good grammar, paraphrase, summarise and quote.

Learning strategies
Learn to think critically, reduce stress, and manage your time.

Study skills
Learn to streamline the study process with reading strategies, note taking tips and how to create effective presentations.

Library and Information skills

Our Library skills resources will help you to search effectively including evaluating what you find and referencing the sources you use.

Online library research skills learning modules
These modules introduce you to effective research skills and critical thinking processes, and walk you through the process of academic writing and referencing.

Health research readiness modules
Learn how to efficiently find, evaluate, and reference essential health information resources are complex and varied.

Referencing guide
Learn how to use the 3 approved Notre Dame referencing styles to create accurate references for the information sources that you are using in your assessments.

Library video tutorials
Get started in your search for quality information sources and APA referencing with some short videos.

Library skills classes
The Library offers classes you can attend to learn more about information skills. Visit library bookings to see the classes on offer and register to attend.

Subject and Instructional Guides
See our guides for resources in subject areas as well as instructional guides to help you find and navigate different types of resources