• Referencing guides

    Your lecturers and tutors may have a preferred style for referencing whether this be AMA, APA, Chicago or AGLC. We have provided some handy guides and tips to ensure your referencing is always consistent.

    Learn more about referencing.

  • Policies, procedures and guidelines

    The University of Notre Dame Australia has formulated guidelines covering everything from the use of social media to intellectual property and student appeals. The suite of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines is divided into four main categories: Academic, Governance, Management and For Students. The last category includes guidelines on international student transfers, student grievances and academic integrity.

    Educate yourself on our policies and procedures.

  • Regulations

    The academic life of the University is governed by a large number of regulations and definitions which govern almost every aspect of a student’s time at Notre Dame – everything from Conditions of Enrolment to Postgraduate Programs, Double Degrees and Tuition Fees.

    Learn more about the University's regulations.

  • Student Guides

    Both the Fremantle and Sydney Campuses publish annual Student Guides which provide a comprehensive overview of student services, events, policies, fees, maps, IT support and other issues relevant to students. The guides are available in print form at enrolment or you can download a pdf:

  • Academic Integrity Module

    The University of Notre Dame Australia is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship and research. Fundamental to this commitment is the upholding of academic integrity which is underpinned by the values of honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility. View the Academic Integrity Module.