Campus life

For the moment, the Campus Life team have moved online. We are still available via email and phone 02 8204 4429. Please contact us if you have any questions, we are here for you! Stay safe; stay connected.

At Notre Dame we seek to make an active and positive contribution to the wellbeing of Australia and Australians.  We aim to give to, and learn from, the wider international community, by empowering our staff and students to develop a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all peoples.

We are proud of the close ties we have developed within the local and broader community. Through the many staff and student outreach projects within Australia and abroad, community partnerships, and internship links to business and industry, we are contributing to the community in a meaningful and significant way.

  • Mentoring

    At Notre Dame we understand that your first year of University may be an exciting and at times a daunting experience. To support you during your first semester, you and every single one of our first-year undergraduate students are paired with a student mentor during first semester. You will meet your mentor in person on Orientation Day and will be able to contact them during semester in case you need assistance. As a fellow student, your mentor will help you settle in and navigate the world of tertiary education, giving you guidance in areas such as:

    • Where to find services such as Campus Life, Careers, Counselling, Chaplaincy, Student Administration and The Student Association,
    • Where to get academic support,
    • Study preparation and exam tips,
    • Which clubs and societies might suit your interests,
    • What events are on at Notre Dame and around Sydney,
    • Networking and volunteering opportunities,
    • Where to get the best coffee.

    Mentors can also help you break the ice and introduce you to like-minded students as you make the transition to university life.

    If you have any questions about the Student Mentoring Program, please contact Campus Life at

  • Volunteering

    Make a positive difference in the community, learn new skills, and meet new people! You never know what path volunteering can lead you on.

    Beyond the Books will provide you with opportunities to volunteer with not-for-profit organisations, working together to address the needs in the community.

    If you’d like to connect with the Notre Dame community for your cause, please contact the Sydney Campus Life team on 02 8204 4429 or

  • Community engagement

    We work closely with our alumni, donors and friends, without whom many of the important advancements at Notre Dame would not be possible. In fact, many of our alumni are highly engaged with the University either through funding and donations or through mentorship and internships.

    Students and staff alike are involved with our neighbours, both in Australia and further abroad. In addition to public Campus tours and venue hire, the Notre Dame Volunteer Network provides staff and students with opportunities to offer their services to not-for-profit organisations, working together to address the needs in our community.

    Ultimately, we wish to ensure that all who do engage with Notre Dame feel welcomed and valued as part of our University community.

    At Notre Dame, we are proud to have community minded staff and students alike. Our students volunteer with a number of Not-For Profits, and get involved with various causes either on an on-going basis, or for campaigns throughout the year.

    If you’d like to connect with the Notre Dame community for your cause, please contact the Sydney Campus Life team on 02 82044429 or