Academic transcripts

An official academic transcript of your results, shows the total number of units of credit you have successfully completed as well as your Grade Point Average (GPA).

To obtain an official transcript of your academic record you will need to:

  • Make payment on the Notre Dame Payment Gateway for a digital version via My eQuals: Cost, $20 (Hard copy transcripts are only available for students who studied prior to 2018 or in exceptional circumstances – supporting documentation must be supplied: Cost, $30 Additional copies in the same transaction are $5 each.) Please email
  • For current students, you will receive an email notification from MyeQuals with instructions on how to download your transcript.
  • For students who have completed study or graduated prior to 2018 and are no longer current, your academic transcript will be issued as a hard copy and can be collected from Student Administration or mailed to your current address. Postage will be an extra cost so please enquire when making payment.

If you are a current student, you can also obtain an unofficial transcript of your academic record at any time and for no cost:

  • Go to your Student Self Service Centre
  • Click on ‘Academic Records’
  • Click on ‘View Unofficial Transcript’
  • Click the drop down ‘Report Type’
  • Select ‘Unofficial Transcript’ and click ‘View Report’

This will display an unofficial transcript of all your Courses and their grades. Marks are displayed from 2006 onwards.

This unofficial transcript will show your Grade Point Average to the present time and can be printed out for your records.

If you have any further questions or requests please contact: