Student Admin and Fees FAQs


  • Should I enrol now for next semester?

    Yes, students are encouraged to enrol for the entire calendar year, except where they have enrolled in a one semester program (e.g. Tertiary Pathway Program). This helps with planning and timetabling. You can always withdraw by the Census Date for each course without financial penalty if your circumstances change.

  • How do I enrol in courses?

    You can enrol in courses (and also change your enrolment) through Student Centre. Further details are available at Student Centre.

  • How do I find out what courses to enrol in?

    Your Program Regulations provide details of the courses necessary for your program, with the courses on offer for 2020 being available at Calendars and Timetables. Your School can also provide specific course and program advice.

  • How do I know what I am enrolled in for the year?

    You can view your enrolments in your Student Centre. The Enrolment guide can provide further information.

  • I enrolled in both Study Period 1 and Study Period 2 courses at the beginning of the year. Following the announcement that re-enrolments are open for Study Period 2, is there anything more I should be doing?

    If you are not making any changes to your Study Period 2 courses, then you do not need to do anything further. If you would like to change any courses in your enrolment, please consult with your School to ensure you have approval for any proposed changes.

  • What happens if I fail a course in Study Period 1?

    It is possible that your Study Period 2 enrolment may change as a result of not completing a pre-requisite course. Please liaise with your School as soon as possible to confirm that your Study Period 2 enrolment is correct.

  • I want to change my program, what should I do?

    Please speak with your current School and the School which offers the program you wish to change to.  You can complete a Change of Program application which can be found on the Forms and documents page.


  • Are examinations going ahead this semester?

    As a result of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation a number of changes are being made to assessments, including final end-of-semester examinations. Your School will provide updates for each of your courses via Blackboard and email.

  • I have a Learning Access Plan (through Pathways) which has provisions for examinations. Will these be taken into consideration this semester?

    Yes, where applicable, your provisions will be taken into consideration.

  • I have previously been granted a Deferred Examination which I am yet to undertake. When will I be sitting it?

    A number of options are being considered, and a further update will be provided in the coming days.


  • How can I pay my tuition fees?

    Your invoice contains details of the amount you need to pay. It also includes details of how to make payment via the Notre Dame Payment Gateway.

  • How can I pay an outstanding fine or fee (e.g. library fine)?

    Please email the Fees team at, and they will be able to assist you.

Graduation - Sydney Campus

  • Have the Sydney Campus Graduation Reception and Graduation Ceremonies been cancelled?

    No, both events have been postponed due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. When circumstances permit, the events will be rescheduled and we look forward to seeing you at them.

  • When and where will the Graduation Reception and Graduation Ceremonies now take place?

    At this early stage no alternative dates have been set, and no decision on venues has been made.

  • Do I need to wait until a new date for the Graduation Ceremonies is set before my degree can be conferred and I can receive a testamur?

    A number of options are being considered, and a further update will be provided in the coming days.

  • When will I be able to receive my final transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) via my eQuals?

    As with testamurs (refer above question), a number of options are being considered, and a further update will be provided in the coming days.

  • I have ordered my regalia. What happens with it now?

    The University’s supplier, Regalia Craft, has advised that they will keep your order until a new ceremony date has been set. There will be no need to re-order.

    Further information can be found at, with any questions being directed to Marisa Dagostino.

  • What is happening with the Annual Awards which are presented at the Graduation Ceremonies?

    These will be rescheduled, with more information to follow.

Graduation - Fremantle Campus

  • What's happening with Graduation?

    In July and December 2020, the University held Virtual Conferral of Qualifications for its Fremantle Campus graduands. The physical graduation events were postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

    We are currently planning our upcoming Fremantle and Sydney graduations and will continue to monitor the COVID-19 restrictions, providing further information in due course.

    Graduates who were conferred their awards in July and December 2020 have been given the opportunity to attend a physical ceremony on 2nd or 3rd February 2021.  Please go to the Fremantle Graduation page for further information.

    We continue to hope that graduates who were conferred their awards in March 2020 (Sydney) will have the opportunity to attend a physical ceremony when circumstances allow.

    We understand these are challenging times for everyone and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help you celebrate your achievements. We will continue to provide updates when available and we thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.


  • Are my classes going online?

    At this stage, classes are continuing to run on campus in the venues listed on timetable in Allocate+, unless you have been advised otherwise by your School. Over the coming week it is expected that all classes will transition to being available online, but you should still refer to your timetable for your class times, unless your School advises otherwise.

  • Do I need to make any changes to my enrolment?

    You do not need to make any changes to your enrolment when your classes move to being available online.

  • What if I need to change to a different lecture, tutorial, etc. for one of my classes this semester?

    Please contact your School who will be able to assist you.

  • Will any dates on the University Calendar (including Census Dates) be changed?

    At this stage there is no need to make any changes.

  • Will my academic progress be delayed by my courses being made available online?

    No, the intention is that all courses will still conclude on their original end date. Provided you do not reduce your study load, your academic progress should not be affected.

  • When will Timetable Signup for Semester 2 take place?

    Timetable Signup will open towards the end of Winter Term. Please keep an eye on your student email account closer to the time.

Transcripts / Academic Record

  • How can I order an official academic transcript?

    Please make payment on the Notre Dame Payment Gateway.

    Your My eQuals transcript will cost, $20 (Hard copy transcripts are only available for students who studied prior to 2018 or in exceptional circumstances – supporting documentation must be supplied: Cost, $30 Additional copies in the same transaction are $5 each.) Please email

  • How can I check my academic record without purchasing a transcript?

    All results that been officially released by the University are available in Student Centre. Please refer to Student Centre to learn how to view your academic record (marks, grades and Academic Standing).

Travel concession

  • How can I apply for my travel concession?

    The requirements for obtaining your travel concession differ between Western Australia (SmartRider) and New South Wales (Concession Opal Card). Please contact the Student Administration team on your Campus (refer ‘Contact Us’ below) who will be able to assist you.

    For Fremantle students please find further information.
    For Sydney students please find further information.


  • How can I update my personal details?

    You can update most of your details in Student Centre. Please refer to Student Centre to find out how.

  • How can I obtain a Student ID card?

    Please email the Fees team at, and they will be able to assist you.

  • How do I apply for a Retroactive Withdrawal?

    Please print and complete the form available at Retro-Withdrawal-Application and submit it to your School, along with relevant supporting documentation.

  • How can I obtain a letter for Centrelink, Jury Service, etc.?

  • How will the University keep in touch with me?

    The University will continue to keep in touch with you via Blackboard and your student email account.

  • How should I keep in touch with the University?

    Your student email account is the best way to keep in touch with the Student Administration & Fees team or your School / Office.

    Please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ section below for further information, and please remember that all email communication with the University must be via your student account (please also remember to include your full name and student number in all emails).