A university education is a lifetime investment. The excellent education that Notre Dame students receive fosters enquiring and creative minds and innovative thinking. Notre Dame graduates are prepared for success in today's rapidly evolving world and, in financial terms, a person's income and overall quality of life increases with the level and quality of education achieved.

Further information on Fees

    • Additional Study Costs

      The additional costs of study will vary from student to student. Additional costs include textbooks ($200-$500 per full-time equivalent year), accommodation, public transport, photocopying, stationery and food.

    • Austudy/Abstudy/Youth Allowance

      These schemes are operated by the Commonwealth Government and provide financial assistance to eligible students. Please contact Centrelink on 13 10 21 or visit the website at www.centrelink.gov.au for further information.

      Recrediting and Remissions

      Requesting withdrawal from a unit without financial penalty or FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP or SLE liability.