Nulungu Talking Heads Seminar: Developing and adapting an early years literacy program for Aboriginal communities

Broome 23 Sep 2020

Date: Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Venue: UNDA Hall NDB10/101
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Also available via Zoom:

Through an innovative initiative, local Aboriginal organisation Waardi Limited partnered with Monash University and schools across the Kimberley region to develop an early year’s literacy program. The Literacy Acquisition for Pre-primary Students (LAPS) program aims to provide the best start to children’s literacy learning at school, integrating the aspirations of Traditional Owners, schools, families, and government. Our approach involves upskilling and building the capacity of teachers, support staff, and families to meet the needs of all children through strength-based, engaging strategies. The program continues to evolve based on research, reflection, and feedback from key stakeholders.

Presenters: Deb Hannagan and Mystique Dia

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