Nulungu Talking Heads Seminar: ‘Innovative, Creative Community and Ecological Economics Projects in Broome’

Broome 21 Oct 2020

Date: Wednesday 21st October 2020
Venue: UNDA Hall NDB10/101
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Also available via Zoom:

There is a call from many towns across Australia and beyond for community-based projects that respond to declining local social, economic, and environmental lifestyles. This presentation is in the form of storytelling - stories of creative activities in Broome that demonstrates alternative, locally generated approaches to transformative change.

It commences with a project ‘from the past’, the Bishop Raible Cooperative, which set the scene for the innovation and collaboration that is still evident in the town today. Case studies discussed include Agunya’s social enterprise; Saltwater Country’s rodeo; Theatre Kimberley’s community art and circus; Kimberley Community Scheme’s government and community partnership; the Broome Markets contributions; and Broome LETS, a new community currency project. What these projects have in common is they involve local people contributing to their ecosystem and lifestyles – that is looking after their own people, economy and natural environment within their own ‘backyards’.

Presenters: Anne Jennings

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