Nulungu Talking Heads Seminar: ‘Research to ‘make a difference’ with Traditional Owners in the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River Catchment’

Broome 30 Sep 2020

Date: Wednesday 30th September 2020
Venue: UNDA Hall NDB10/101
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Also available via Zoom:

In 2015-16, NESP Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub worked with Traditional Owners in the Kimberley region to identify their research priorities. While the projects will conclude in 2021, here we present some results from three projects identified as important. In the first project, the “Showing and sharing knowledge in the Fitzroy River Catchment”, ten Traditional Owner groups used participatory mapping tools to share traditional knowledge and learn from western scientific and political knowledge together.

They reported feeling empowered to use these knowledges to inform conservation and development decisions on Country. In the second project, “Indigenous land, sea & water management” Emile and Celia Boxer helped conduct interviews and run workshops with four language groups to learn more about how these programs did (and did not) benefit Traditional Owners in the Fitzroy River Catchment. In the third project focusing on “Indigenous water values”, we worked together Fremantle Broome and Sydney with collaborators from eight language groups in the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River catchment to understand the significance of water for Traditional Owners.

Here we highlight the links between water and ethics in Traditional Owners’ relationships with their Country and present collaborative work with Nyikina women Annie Milgin, Linda Nardea and Hilda Grey. What these projects have in common is they involve local people contributing to their ecosystem and lifestyles – that is looking after their own people, economy and natural environment within their own ‘backyards’.

Presenters: Rosemary (Ro) Hill, Natalie Stoeckl, & Sarah Laborde

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