QndA: Virtues and Idols

Fremantle 15 Nov 2019

QndA: Virtues and Idols of Political Life: Nationalism, Consumerism and other Cults

Date: Friday 15 November
Time: 5.30pm (please join for refreshments from 5pm)
Venue: The University of Notre Dame Australia
Santa Maria Lecture Theatre, 15 Mouat St Fremantle

Immigration, security and cost-of living count among the most pressing political issues of public concern. Such concerns are not eased by partisan claims, political rhetoric and false narratives used to gain political capital. However, whilst the ideas underlying political decisions must not go unexamined, we should also recognise how important concepts and actions, backed by evidence, can be harnessed to foster authentic social and political cohesion.

If political pluralism forms part of a well ordered democracy, then various cultural, religious and secular dimensions of political life require careful attention.

Laura d'Olimpio
William T. Cavanaugh
Professor of Catholic Studies,
DePaul University
Tim Dean
Martin Drum
Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations
The University of Notre Dame Australia
Shamim Samani
Shamim Samani
PhD (Sustainability), Research Fellow
Centre for Muslim States and Societies
Africa Research and Engagement Centre, UWA

Join our audience and hear from our expert panel as they tackle significant topics in politics, religion, ethics and society.
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