Sydney Enrolment sessions January 2020

Sydney 20 Jan 2020 - 21 Jan 2020

Welcome to Enrolment Day.

Enrolment Day is your opportunity to enrol in the subjects you will study in the first year of your degree at Notre Dame.

At Enrolment Day you can talk to academic staff about your degree structure and requirements so that you select the right subjects for you. You will receive your University ID card and have the opportunity to meet your classmates who are embarking on the same journey!

What to bring on Enrolment Day

- A blue or black pen
- Photo Identification (passport / driver license / proof of age)
- If applicable, your completed HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP form (or Tax File Number)
- If not already provided, proof of Citizenship/Residency

  • Valid Australian or New Zealand passport
  • Certificate of Australian citizenship
  • Australian birth certificate. Nb: If you were born in Australia after 20 August 1986 and both parents were born overseas as indicated on your birth certificate, your Birth Certificate alone will not provide sufficient proof of citizenship. You will be required to provide your valid Australian passport OR certificate of Australian citizenship to provide proof of citizenship.
  • Passport AND your permanent residency permit or resident return visa (either the visa sticker in your passport or email from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection).

- Any other documents you received in your offer that you have not yet submitted

More detailed information on Enrolment Day, including a campus map, is available here. Please note, if you have not already accepted your place, we encourage you to do so online before your Enrolment Day. Simply refer back to your offer notification to click to accept.

For further information contact the Admissions Office on 02 8204 4404 or email

Enrolment Sessions

Please arrive 15 minutes before your session starts

Monday 20 January

  • 9:00am - School of Nursing

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

  • 12:00pm - School of Education

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

Tuesday 21 January

  • 9:00am - Notre Dame Study Centre

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

  • 11:00am - School of Arts & Sciences

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

  • 2:00pm - School of Law

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

  • 2:00pm - School of Business

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale

  • 2:00pm - School of Philosophy & Theology

    St Benedict’s Hall, 104 Broadway, Chippendale


How long will enrolment take?
We aim to make enrolment as quick and easy as possible, however this will depend on the number of people enrolling in your program, so please plan for around 2 hours. Ensuring you have the right documentation with you will also help.

Can someone else enrol on my behalf?
No. You will need to enrol in person.

What if I can’t attend on the day?
Timetable sign-up is open at the end of January, so by enrolling now you will be able to choose the most suitable timetable for your area of study. If you are unable to attend on this day, a second enrolment date will be held on Friday 7 February and further details will be sent to you closer to the date.

Can I attend a session for a different School?
We ask that you enrol directly with your School to enable academic staff to provide the most appropriate advice regarding your degree, and how it is structured to help you achieve your end career goals.

Do I need to pay student fees on Enrolment Day?
No, your fees are dependent upon the courses you enrol in and an invoice will be sent to you after you enrol. Payment is usually due after you have commenced study and the due date will be outlined on your invoice.

How can I apply for credit / advanced standing?
If you are applying for credit/advanced standing for previous study, you must bring a certified copy of your transcript and course descriptions as well as a completed Advanced Standing application form that is available on the University website here.