The Evolution of Business ‘Well-Being’ - for a Better World 2050

26 Oct 2020

The Evolution of Business ‘Well-Being’ - for a Better World 2050

Date: 26 October
Time: 1 to 4pm

Hosted by the School of Business Notre Dame and Events Management students, all students and staff are welcome to attend this free event, to discuss the importance of organisational well-being for staff, stakeholders and customers, which will set a new precedent for doing business leading up to 2050.

Hear from organisations that have been CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE and have used TECHNOLOGY to develop better outcomes for their customers and staff. Plus be involved in a discussion around what business must do to help their stakeholders THRIVE IN THE FUTURE. Also discover;

What can Gen Z expect from Australian organisations in 2030 when they form 34% of the workforce?

How will Australian organisations embed wellbeing principles into practice?

What examples of business ‘vision’ can we draw on for future inspiration?

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