Transactions drive business but transformation is changing the game

Fremantle 06 Nov 2019

6 November

Doors Open 5:15PM

City of Perth Library

In today’s challenging business environment, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of EQ – the human element of our professions.  Discover the power of soft skills in leading teams and inspiring positive change in this age of disruption with Director/Deputy Chair of Leadership WA Nicole Lockwood.

While the ‘hard skills’ of strategic planning, economic analysis and other financial ratios are the focus of many organisations, they can leave people ill-prepared for the step up to leadership, to deal effectively with the very human elements of personalities, backgrounds and behaviours.

Today, the ‘human side’ of the organisation demands as much attention as the nuts and bolts of the business.

An in-depth knowledge of the soft skills – the non-measurable dynamics of the organisation such as attitudes, preferences, biases and interests – are also critical to success. They are essential to staff motivation, triggering initiative and drive.

Learn about the essential attributes of effective leaders who drive positive change in times of unprecedented change at our inaugural sundowner event in the new Notre Dame's Leadership Speaker Series on 6 November in the Perth CBD.

Notre Dame’s Master of Leadership program serves to develop inspirational leaders who drive positive change and successful teams by leading with integrity and emotional intelligence.

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