Write to publish with impact - workshop for researchers

Fremantle 26 Jul 2019

Presented by – Dr Anke van Eekelen (PhD),
UtterSense Life Science Communication

Friday 26 July 2019
9.00am – 12.30pm
RSVP: research@nd.edu.au

Do you need guidance to improve your academic writing skills?

Have you encountered difficulties in getting your manuscript published?

This training session will shed light on the fundamentals of successful research manuscript writing in evidence-based science. But it takes more than writing to be able to publish your work. Understanding the peer review process and how international science journals approach modern-day publishing adds to your success.

The workshop will provide you with practical tips and advice on what skills and knowledge are required to write, submit and get your research manuscript accepted for publication

Facilitated by an expert in research performance, science communication and publishing ethics, this workshop aims to deliver research skills training to (allied) health practitioners and medical researchers to ensure the best possible outcomes for their studies and academic careers.

Anke van Eekelen has a PhD in biomedical science and more than 25 years of medical research experience in neuroscience and health studies. She also has a degree in science communication.

She is a consultant in research communication and publication ethics and deputy managing editor of Respirology – an international peer reviewed journal in respiratory medicine.