Teacher Education – Your Statement of Purpose

Teaching is a highly rewarding career that requires multiple skills. Since 2016, applications for accredited teacher education programs have included not only academic capabilities, but non-academic capacities that are important for success in the profession.

To be considered for entry to an initial teacher education program at Notre Dame applicants must complete the Statement of Purpose below. Once you have completed your responses, please hit the ‘submit’ button. After submitting, a window will appear to let you know that your responses will be added to your application.

You will need to respond to the four questions below outlining your motivation and suitability for teaching. You are required to provide a maximum of 200 words for each question.

Question 1* (max. 200 words): Describe what has inspired you to become a teacher and outline why you think teaching is a positive career choice. In your response, please address the following questions

  1. Who and what has inspired you to become a teacher?
  2. What skills and abilities will you bring to teaching?
  3. What does being an effective teacher mean to you?
  1. What subjects are you interested in and why?
  2. Why is teaching a good career choice?

Question 2* (max. 200 words): Describe two leadership, community and /or learning & development activities that you have engaged in. In your response, please consider the following questions:

  1. What learning and development activities have you been engaged in?
  2. What leadership activities have you undertaken?
  3. What activities of personal interest are you involved in? How longhave you participated? How are you involved?
  1. What activities or events have you planned and/or organised?
  2. How have you demonstrated that you can work with others?
  3. What do you do to overcome obstacles, challenges or problems?

Question 3* (Max. 200 words):Provide an example of how you manage your time when you are both planning and coordinating activities in your day-to-day life?

Question 4* (Max. 200 words): Provide an example of where you have utilised your problem solving skills to achieve an outcome and explain what you learned, regardless of whether the intended outcome was achieved.

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