Applying to Notre Dame – Individual Factors

Notre Dame’s admission process is multifaceted and considers each applicant on an individual basis.

We consider the whole person, as we recognise it requires more than academic excellence to succeed in your chosen profession.

We invite you to provide details of your personal qualities, experience and contribution to community life. We call these Individual Factors. Your Individual Factors may contribute towards Selection Rank adjustments.

You can supply this information by completing our Individual Factors Form and uploading it with your application.

We encourage you to prepare this before submitting your application so as to have it ready to upload.

Individual Factors Form

Submitting the form

If applying through UAC, you will be required to submit this via UAC Manage your Application.

If applying through TISC, you will be required to submit this via TISC Online.

If applying directly through Notre Dame, you can either respond to the Individual Factors questions within your application, or complete the Individual Factors form and email it to:

Other information

The questions asked in the Individual Factors Form are:

  1. Why are you applying to study at Notre Dame?
  2. Why have you chosen to study this degree?
  3. Tell us how you contribute, and how frequently, to community life? (see tips for responding to this below)

Tip for responding to question 3

List up to 5 activities, e.g. leadership experience, service or volunteering activities, participation in sports or creative fields, work and entrepreneurship, church involvement, etc. A sample response is provided below.

Sample response:


House captain, weekly committee meetings and organisation of school sporting events


Volunteering at the annual Daffodil Day fundraising drive


Cricket participation at club level, weekly training and matches during season