Appeals FAQ

  • What can I appeal?

    An appeal is a formal recourse available to current Notre Dame Students to have an academic or administrative decision reconsidered by the University.

    Prior to submitting your appeal, please refer to the Policy: Student Appeals, and familiarise yourself with the relevant University regulations, policies and procedures.

    The Policy: Student Appeals lists the specific administrative and academic decisions that can be appealed. If you are unsatisfied with a decision that is not listed in this Policy, it may not be appealable; however, there may be other means to have the decision reviewed.

    For example, if you not satisfied with the mark you received for a piece of assessment; this is not appealable. However, you may be able to request a remark of a piece of assessment according to the Procedure: Assessment in Higher Education Coursework, ELICOS and Enabling Courses.

  • How do I lodge an appeal?

    To lodge an appeal, you will need to complete the Student Appeal Form, and attach a written statement and any relevant supporting documentation.

    Once you press ‘submit’ on the form, it will be directed to the Student Appeals Officer. You will receive an automatic receipt of your submission to your Notre Dame Student email address.

  • What should my Written Statement include?

    Your written statement must include

    1. The specific provision in the General Regulations and/or Policy: Student Appeals, and/or other relevant University regulations, policies and/or procedures, under which you appealing.  The Policy Student Appeals includes an appendix called the ‘Taxonomy of Appeals’, which refers you to the clause of that Policy under which you are able to appeal and also which regulation, policy or procedure is associated with that type of appeal.
    2. The ground(s) on which you are appealing.
    3. A narration, which includes as much information and detail as possible, and provides a clear timeline of events.

    Your statement should be addressed to the Reviewer of your appeal (as listed in the Policy: Student Appeals). Take some time to think about your written statement

  • What are ‘Grounds for Appeal?

    The only grounds for appeal are that the decision-maker failed to follow due process. What this generally means is that you have reason to believe the University’s published policies and procedures were not followed in making the decision. In this sense, your grounds for appeal are being dissatisfied with the ‘decision-making process’, and you will need to provide your argument against these grounds as to why you think your appeal should be upheld.

    Grounds for appeal do not include:

    1. Misunderstanding or not being aware of the published University regulations, policies and procedures.
    2. Being unaware of a situation because you have not read your student emails.
    3. Being simply ‘dissatisfied’ with the decision.
  • What is ‘relevant supporting documentation’?

    Relevant supporting documentation helps substantiate the information provided in your statement. Supporting documentation can also assist the University to determine if you may be eligible for additional support or alternate processes, such as retroactive withdrawal.

    Relevant supporting documentation may include, eg:

    1. Medical certificates.
    2. Copies of correspondence with Staff of the University relative to the situation that has led to your appeal.
  • When can I lodge my appeal?

    Most appeals are required to be lodged within 10 Working Days (excluding weekends, public holidays and the Christmas shutdown period) of receiving your notification of a decision of the University. The date of receipt is the date the notification is sent to your University email account. You should refer to the Policy: Student Appeals, to determine the correct timeframe allowed for your particular appeal.

  • If I have been University Suspended or Program Terminated, can I still attend classes while my appeal is being processed?

    Your Program Status will remain ‘Active’ for 20 Working Days from the date of the Notification letter to allow you to attend classes, access Blackboard, etc. Please note that if you choose to enrol in one or more courses whilst your appeal is under review, you are liable for fees and/or charges applicable for the course(s) in which you are enrolled.

  • Who will review my appeal?

    An Appeal of Final Mark is reviewed by the National Head of School.  Other appeals with be reviewed by various other Staff, depending on the decision that is being appealed. Information about who will review your appeal is listed in the Policy: Student Appeals.

  • How long will it take before I hear the outcome of my appeal?

    The Student Appeals Officer aims to process your appeal within 10 Working Days, but if further information is requested, or the School needs more time to investigate your situation, you will be notified of the delay.

    You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal via the Student Appeal Officer to your Notre Dame Student email address.

  • Whom can I contact if I have further questions about my appeal or the appeal process?

    The Student Appeals Officer is available if you need assistance with the appeals process or for questions about your appeal:

    By email to, or

    By telephone to +61 8 9433 0976

    (If the phone is unattended, please leave a message with your contact details and Student ID Number, and your call will be returned).